Backblast 11/3: The County Black Ops with Alexa and Echo


“Alexa, Recap my workout from this morning”

Ok! Here’s what went down:

PAX: Big Bird, Fungi, Mama’s Boy , Redbull (2.0), Meter Maid, Soccer Mom, Mankini, , Selfie, Ameila, Red Ryder (FNG 2.0), Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip (2.0), Alexa – Q, Echo (2.0)

Conditions: High 30’s/Low 40’s (According to Big Bird, it wasn’t enough degrees for the GOAT)

Welcome. Introduction. Disclaimer.

Quick mosey ¾ way around the campus.

SSH x20, IW x 20, Kendra Newman, Grass Grabber, Downward Dog, Calf Stretches

Weinke Explained

An F3 take on games from your childhood, to both work and play.

Game 1: Hide and Seek

PAX divided into 4 teams. 3 teams will go to a 3 stations that are “hidden” from each other. The 4th team will run to Station 1 to “find” the other team. Once a team is found, they run to the next station to find another team…over and over. Each station is AMREP a workout

Station 1: Core – Mtn Climbers, Groiners, Peter Parker

Station 2 -Lower Body – Squat Jumps, Lunge Jumps, Copperhead Squats

Station 3 – Upper Body – Merkins, Pullups, Dips

**had to cut this one short because of time.

Game 2: Freeze Tag

Divide into two teams. One will be IT. One will be frozen.

The Frozen Team has to hold plank or Al Gore while the IT team sprints 25m down then works back with Bear Crawls, Lunge Walk or Crab Walk. Once back, they get “tagged” and have to freeze. Other team runs down and works back. Did this for 3 rounds per team.

**Props given to Amelia who earned EC on this one while his 2.0 sat on top of him and just rode back

Game 3: Duck Duck Goose

Basically Guantanamo Bay. Pax circle up on 6 facing outward, on their back with legs 8-12 inches off the ground. Two HIM’s are IT and run around the circle and try to push feet to the ground. Once back to where they started, they lay down and the next person goes.

Game 4: Burpee Football

Ultimate Frisbee with a light-up football, but with severe penalties. Your team drops the ball: you all do a burpee. Your team throws an interception: you do 3 burpees.

The Q’s team came out hot scoring back to back TD’s. The Visiting team mounted a comeback scoring 3 in a row. On a last-minute drive, the home team scored again ending in a tie.

Back to the Flag. Circle Up. Name-O-Rama (1xFNG Red Ryder [Amelia 2.0]). Announcements (upcoming ruck events)

Get Close. COT. Intentions. Gratitude. Our Father. Done.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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