Sorry for the delay on getting this posted.

Originally Zoo was scheduled to Q the Loco. However, due to an early morning zooloo lemon fashion show he needed to call an audible. It had been a while since I’ve Q the county I decided to fill in. PAX: Viking, Amelia, BigBird, Meter Maid, Crock Pot, Gillian, Fungi, Airplane – QIC. Conditions: cold but dry. Disclaimer was given and we headed off for a mosey for a quick warm up. COP SSH IC, Grass Grabbers IC, Imperial Walkers IC. Mosey over to the coupons, everyone grab TWO coupons. The Thang: I decided to play a game of “uncle”. Pretty similar to being the little brother getting beat on by your older sibling. Everyone would farmers carry until someone cried uncle by taking a break (or I decided to stop). At every stop we would do three sets of an exercise and three sets of an ab exercise. Along the way we did chest presses, coupon flutter kicks, curls, LBCs, squats, BB sit ups, and a few others I forgot. All in we farmers carried close to .5 mile. Stash the coupons and hustle back to the flag. COR, NOR. Reminder to post on Tuesday to support Double Down. Wear black and bring an ace of spades. Prayers for Double Down, Mrs. Abacus, and those in need. As always it was a please to lead. Until next time….


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