Back Blast the Agony 6/13

23 Pax got their share of burpees and miles.

Conditions: awesome Pax: Bulletin, Speed Bump, Dutch Oven, Short Circuit, Viking, Cold Call, Pork chop, Solo, Crock Pot, Gilligan, Jerry Maguire, Meyer Maid, Catfish, Fergie, Giselle, Double Down, Gremlin, Amelia, Little Jerry, Fungi, Abacus, Milton, Airplae -Q

Quick mosey and circle up SSH IC, Slow grass grabbers IC, Abe Vigoda IC, probably some Kendra Newman’s too. Everyone grab a partner.


While one partner sprints to the far island, high knees/butt kicks/Bernies back, partner two does a named burpee. Switch after each lap. Each burpee series was two minutes. We did the following sets


Big Boy Burpees

Donkey Kick Burpee


Star Jump Burpee

Dive Bomb Burpee

Now that everyone was warm we formed a line. One end of the line slammed a medicine ball, did a burpee on it then passed it down the line. We had three balls. Pax waiting for the ball did, yep, you guessed it, burpees. Once you finished the ball slam burpee do merkins while waiting for the 6. Rinse and repeat. We finished up with a bit of Mary.

COT, NOR, prayer and intentions. thanks for allowing me to lead.


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