Back Blast the Bridge 6/19. Leave well enough alone

A few weeks ago I led a workout at the chopper. It was hard, and I received a lot of positive feedback about it. So why not do the same workout but add in the bridge? I’ve been planning this for weeks! Even before I was on the Q calendar at Posh. Well, my plan turned into an epic failure. Lucky for me I had an awesome group of PAX there to pull me along. Conditions: swampy. Like wearing a warm wet blanket.

PAX: iceman (r), jitterbug (r), lady bird (r), retainer, Valdez, bob ross, methane, propane, latex, air ball, dynamite, whooo (FNG), big bird, Airplane -Q.

Quick mosey over to the bridge for COP. SSH IC, Grass grabbers IC, imperial walkers IC. My plan was to do three sets of 8 exercise over the bridge. 25 second of work followed by a sprint to the top of the bridge. Rinse and repeat, then do the same at the bottom of the bridge. Once the timer went off, sprint over the bridge for the next exercise. The timing was way off. It just didn’t work so we modified to just to the top of the bridge. It still was a mess. Speaking of a mess. The speaker was acting up and kept pausing the timer and music. We managed to get through these exercises:

Bobby hurly

Mario burpee

Surfee squat

Plank twist

Plyo merkin

Plyo prisoner get up with tuck jump

Heisman shuffle

Donkey kick.

Enough of this mess.

Quick Webb of burpee and squats until 5/20

Native American the long way around the egg lawn back to the flag.

Some quick Mary to finish up the time.

COR: NOR: welcomed our FNG. Prayers and thanks.

This Q was a hot mess for me today. Managed to have Pax strung along the egg lawn vs together. Lesson learned. Don’t mess with something that works and works well.

I’ll try again soon


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