Back Blast – Vincent Q – the TANK!

Believe it or not, it was not raining this morning as nine PAX joined me for a TANK style beatdown.  Drysdale, Greenwich, Hot Wheels, Tony Malito, OJ, Meatball, Sweet Tart, Johnny on the Pot, McAfee and Vincent (Q) all got better this morning.  I made it to the VET a few minutes early to see Hot Wheels and OJ walking in loaded down with weight from an extra credit hike.  Got to wish them luck as they tackle a Tough in a few weeks.

We circled up right around the seal for COP.  SSH’s in cadence, Grass Grabbers in cadence, downward dog with calf stretch, runner stretch and Cobra completed the warm-up.  From there we moseyed to the coupon pile and grabbed our props for the thang.

We partnered up for a couple sets of DORA.   Partner one started the exercise and partner 2 ran across the parking lot and back to relieve his partner.  The exercises – 100 Bobby Hurley’s, 150 lunges (each leg was 1/2) and 200 squat jacks.  The lunges took a while and legs were definitely burning.

The next DORA was a little different as it involved no running.  Each pair alternated coupon work, PAX one completed 25 reps while PAX 2 held plank until his turn.  150 Overhead Presses, 150 curls and 150 chest presses.  3 sets through was 75 reps for each person.

Coupons were stored and we moseyed to the playground for Mary on the rubber surface.  Davincis, cross body pike – left arm to right leg, right arm to left let, Rosalita’s   and Freddy Mercurys – all in cadence.  We moseyed back to the flags for announcements and COT.  Veteran’s Park is a beautiful place and a great tribute to our armed forces so I like to close out Q’s there with the Pledge of Allegiance.  I am honored to lead a great group of HIM’s and always get a good dose of motivation from Q’ing.  Until next time – SYITG.  Vincent.

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