3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary

Sorry for the delay on getting this published. 27 PAX joined in what was almost repeat weather from my 1st post. 32 and clear. PAX: Grinder, Zartan, Pork Chop, Alexa, Kimble, Mama’s boy, Jolly Rancher, OldBay, Mouth, Glen Ross, Mad Cow, Iceman, Amelia, Jitterbug, Bulletin, Milton, BigBird, Perm (FNG), Kilo, PewPew, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Gilligan, Zima, Fungi, Wildflower, Airplane- QIC . I spent the better part of an hour on Thursday scoping the area around the amphitheater. I really couldn’t find a space that would fit the weinke I had planned. After 40 minutes I found an area that would work. YHC arrived at the flag with just enough time to give the disclaimer, and holler “follow me!”  We moseyed the 0.6 of a mile over to the back lot of St. Mary’s Academy and circled up for COP: “SSH, Bluff Hikers, Freddie Mercury, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, and some plank/downward dog stretching.  All in cadence less the planks.  Then 5 BOYOS” -Zartan 3/2/18

The Thang: Partnered up and grabbed three rocks (thank you CSX, yes they were returned) partner one started on 300 squat jacks, 200 superman merkins, 100 burpees. Partner two sprinted to cone one and left a rock, then sprinted back. Rinse and repeat until all three rocks were delivered to the cones (suicide run). Switch with partner two picking up the rocks. We completed the squat jacks, most of the merkins and half the burpees.

A bit of mary… At my 1st post I splashed merlot during Mary. So we added in a couple quick mary exercises before making the 0.6 mile run back to the flag . NOR, announcements, COT. It has been a good year. I’m certainly in a better place than I was 12 months ago. Thanks to all that came out to support.


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