03.09.2019. BB. The Hurt at The Mutt. Miyagi’s 1 Year F3Versary.

(Photo: 1 year ago. I’m the second from the right)

PAX: Snowman, Sump Pump, Tiger, Glen Ross, Blueprint, Cornbread, McAfee, Buschhh, Deuce, Geppetto, Sherpa, Messy, Mary Poppins, and Miyagi (Q)

Where: The MUTT

When: 0700

What happened?

Disclaimer, no FNGs, let’s mosey.






15xAbe Vagodas


15xGrass Grabbers


Thang 1 — 11’s

Mosied down to Ormond where we did merkins at point A, and jump squats at point B. It’s a half pipe street, and it was running. Two things I can’t stand doing. As is per usual, Buschhh lapped me at least twice.

Well, about halfway through I called an audible. I had some other tricks up my sleeve. So off to Thang 2!

Thang 2 — parking lot bear crawl drill

Bear crawl 2 parking spaces and then drop to 5 merkins.

Bear crawl 2 parking spaces and then up for 5 copper head squats.

Bear crawl 2 parking spaces and then you guessed it…5 BOYOs.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve gone the length of the parking lot.

Thang 3 — Mary Ring of Fire

Everyone circled up and led the PAX in a minimum of 10/max of 15 count Mary exercise.

Thang 4 — Burpee Sharks ‘n Minnows

Minnows do 2 burpees and sharks do 3. Ready go.

FLAG ON THE PLAY: Targeting on the defense. YHC absolutely drilled Messy in the jaw with the top of my head. My bad man.


We lifted up the intentions in our hearts and said an Our Father.

Guys thank you for being the HIMs that you all are. This PAX is a special group. Keep lifting one another up. Keep pushing to get better.

With this group I have lost 30lbs, graduated college, and found a way to get and stay healthy. Thanks again, and God bless.

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