A few weeks ago the M came home from a bootcamp raving about how hard the workout was, and that I should use it for my next Q. So I did, and she was right. 26 PAX: Alexa, Iceman(R), Gepetto, Meatball, Snowday, Hot Wheels, Worm, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Pork Chop, Fergie, Carlos’e, Backdraft, Tony Malito, Big Bird, Valdez, Wildflower, Viking, Cowboy, Mama’s Boy, Jitter Bug(R), Yogi, Blart, Huggies, Kimble, Airplane (QIC) Conditions: Low 60s and a bit damp. Disclaimer was given and we were off for the warm up.

Warm Up:

High knees lap around the monument, followed by AYG lap around the monument. Rinse and repeat for 5 minutes.

The Thang:

Three sets of eight exercise: Bobby Hurly, plyo push-ups (woof), jump lunge burpee, surfie squat, plyo prisoner get up with tuck jump (woof again), Heisman shuffle, donkey kick. 25 seconds on, 10 seconds boxer shuffle (I called them Lil Mac’s). No rest, keep moving the entire time.

Rinse and repeat.

Then one more time just one set each.

The finsiher:

30 seconds jump lunge burpee followed by 30 seconds of squat star jump, no rest. Rinse and repeat for three sets, no rest.

COR, NOR, Announcements: A-Olympics 5/18. Worm has offered to run the sprints for any AO. Ruck event 5/24. COT: Prayers for those spoken and unsaid. Always a pleaser to lead such a fine group of men.  Until next time.



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