BackBlast Digiorno Q BlackOps at The Mutt @F3villeBlackOps @F3TheMutt #F3Counts

BlackOps @ The Mutt
It has been a while since YHC has had to call for a BlackOps. When you hope for 1 HIM and you get 6, this is why I love this group. My fellow Clemson grad Duplo even made a cameo. We all noticed an extra car in the parking lot with it’s lights on. As it become time to start someone said, “who left there lights on?” YHC goes over and notices someone passed out in the back seat. We all guessed it was better than the alternative. We decided to move on and get better.
Digiorno Q
PAX:. Snowman, Duplo, Blueprint, OJ, Miyagi, Digiorno
Conditions: Low 50’s, sun starting to make it’s way up, excellent for getting better.
Disclaimer given.
Mosey around parking lot for COP
25 Grass Grabbers IC
15 Copperhead Squats IC
Downward dog
Runners stretch
10 Merkins IC
First Thang:
20 LBCs
20 Merkins
5 Sets
At end of every set we stretched for a 10 count
Cobra and Child’s Pose
Mosey to hill at front of Mutt
Cones were setup.
1 at each end and 1 in middle slightly closer to the far end.
Start at far end cone with 10 Merkins mosey to middle cone stop at middle cone 5 Flutter kicks IC mosey to close cone 1 Squat mosey back to middle cone 5 Flutter kicks IC then Bear Crawl back to far cone.
We partnered up and got after it.
When completed, quick mosey to startex for some Mary.
We had just enough time for each PAX to call out 10 count IC exercises.
Gas Pumps
Big Boy’s
American Hammer’s
Announcements: Ruck, check Slack
Thanks to the Sky Q

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