3.2.18 Norton Common BO BB: Back to School. Don’t Triple Lindy

Here at the University of F3Louisville we are all learning and getting better everyday.  As we expand into new areas and bring more FNGs into our ranks, it is critical that we focus on the same basic structure that kept most of us coming back early on.  So the purpose of this lesson was not to regurgitate the information you can all find at F3Nations website.  It was more to remind the PAX about the things that put us in the position to grow and continue to be successful.  YHC learns better from mistakes so planned this Q accordingly.

PAX: Digiorno, StarChild, Wham!, Face, Left Eye, Snowman. Grinder, Saab9000, WhaHoo, Kilo, Butcher, Airplane(FNG), ToolTime, WingNit, GlenRoss, Steerage, OldBay, Gillispie, Slippers, Zartan(Q)

Conditions: Full moon and clear skies.  36 degrees

Gearlander: Damp New Balance Minimus kicks, Smartwool no see ems, LuLu Light blue shorts, Navy Blue F3 long sleeve shirt, Buff Ascot and F3 Tac hat.

Showed up early and pulled in on the circle hill (more on that later) behind Face.  ToolTime and WingNut followed and we all stole the last bit of warmth before exiting into the gloom.   Over the next 15 minutes car after car came pulling in and the last PAX came strolling up as I was giving the disclaimer.  With 20 PAX standing before me I will bring up Lesson 1.

Lesson 1-  While building out your WO plan or weinke, have a plan to audible if the numbers are too large or small.

For me, the 20 PAX members did two things simultaneously.  First we could not do our COP (Circle of Pain) on the amphitheater stage and all the cars on the hill killed my Thang 1.  So like the savvy veteran that I am we moseyed up the circle hill to a gorgeous little slice of lawn.  Perfectly suited for the COP we circled up and jumped right in.

If you pick up anything from this BB or from attending today I hope it is this. Introducing exercises and counting is very important.  It shows the PAX you are prepared to lead and also keeps the WO structured.

Lesson 2- Spend some time before you Q to review the proper way to introduce exercises and cadence counting.

We did SSH, Bluff Hikers, Freddie Mercury, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, and some plank/downward dog stretching.  All in cadence less the planks.  Then 5 BOYOS to show the on your own concept.

We then moseyed back over to the circle street to continue our WO with a 2 line Native American Run.  Now we probably went about  .25 miles at a decent pace but as the Q you have to be aware that running is the fastest way to loose the 6.  Face stepped up as the HIM he is and kept an eye on the 6 and lifted them up with companionship and support.  This is extremely important for all Qs and I would suggest checking in with the Site Q to lock down a plan to pick up the 6 prior to beginning your WO.

Lesson 3- Always be aware of and have a plan to pick up the 6.

Pearls on a String theory incorporates short runs with activity mixed between.  Keeps group together and allows for constant movement without leaving those who struggle with running behind.  And for all the PAX who struggle with running, let me be the first to tell you I hear ya.  In time, it gets easier and before long you will find yourself in the middle of the PAX and even the front. The F3 Credo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Once we stopped I gathered the group for Thang 1.  This was my Triple Lindy.  So in quick order I explained we were doing a Lunge Walk Burpee Merkin Eleven.  Explained what an 11 was and that we would be doing Burpees on odd numbers and merkins on even.  Ask for 2 lines of 7 PAX in each and the confusion began.

PAX lined up not the way I wanted so I had to explain it again.  (just as planned…kind of) we started with 10 lunge walks and then 1 burpee.  9 lunge walks 2 merkins.  and repeato until we ended with 1 lunge walk and 10 merkins,  Kilo helped keep the count and kept me on track.

After we finished I asked the PAX if they thought that was hard. Resounding Ayes rang out.  Then asked if they thought my instructions were confusing?  Equal amount of Ayes.  The point of this was to show that sometimes less is more.  If it takes a long time to explain your next exercise guys are standing around.  Instructions can be confusing and if they are out of breath from the last exercise they are probably not going to comprehend what you are asking them to do.  KISS method is a great way to plan a Q  Keep it simple stupid.  While this 11 variation was hard it was not easily explained or executed.  So my Triple Lindy may or may not have been really cool, it was an over kill when something simpler could have accomplished the same thing.

Lesson 4- Don’t pull a Triple Lindy.  Keep it simple and make sure you try to keep the PAX moving between exercises unless it is a planned recovery.

YHC had to pull an exploratory mosey to find the next location.  I had been to NC before but never ventured all the way over to where I now found myself.  Parking lot I thought was there was much narrower than I planned.

Lesson 5- Scope your site before you Q.

Asked PAX to partner up for some DORA.  Easily explained and we started pretty quick with 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBCS.  Again this was part of the plan.  A plan to show that a Q needs to be cognoscente of time.  I knew we would not be able to complete this but thought it would accomplish a few things.  One, show some new PAX an old stand by that allows for group to work out at their own pace without leaving anyone behind.  And two, to prove my point that Q needs to be flexible but also plan their Q around timing.  Sometimes you run long and need to cut things short and other times you blow through your weinke in no time and are left with 25 minutes of “what the F do I do now.”

Lesson 6- When planning your Q try to estimate how much time each segment will take.  have extra planned and be willing to cut things short if need be.

Cut Dora short and we slow jogged back to that sweet patch of grass from COP.  Asked PAX who had never Q’d.  Hands went up.  Then asked who was willing to step into the circle and lead some MARY with proper introduction and counting.  Grinder, Snowman and LeftEye all stepped up and killed it.  We did Gas Pumps, DiVInci and Rosalitas.    I finished us of with some Big Boy sit Ups, American Hammers at OldBays request (maybe?) and some phiffer Kicks on my count.

Closed with COR, NOR and Ball of man. Made a quick comment on why we do each but pretty self explanatory. For closing ball of man I said something like ” this is a chance for the Q to speak from his heart, say prayer or just give words of inspiration or vent something on their mind.”  When asked for Intentions Slippers shared and my heart goes out to his family. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

As I left NC all I could think about was what we heard at the end of this WO. I found peace to know that this group would do anything for one another. I know I am not the only PAX member who probably doesn’t know Slippers to well. We have grown and meeting everyone can be challenging. However what I know is this, to all PAX who need anything, be it a truck, a beer, a friend or an ear just ask. You may be surprised at how many HIMs will be there for you in your time of need.

Love this thing we have here and each of my F3 brothers. Look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

YHC- Zartan

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