5/5 Black Ops- Backblast @ #thehill (nolin lake)

Conditions: slippery grass, wet gravel, considerable rain, 62*

Location: cabin at undisclosed location near Conolo Way at Nolin Lake

Site description: 6 cabins over looking the lake joined by a series of sequential hills varying in level of brutality, connected by a semi flat road at the top of the fun slopes.

Q: Nickleback

Pax in attendance: 1 (spoiler alert, it was me, Nickleback)

COP: I gathered my thoughts and reminded myself that 1) I am not a professional 2) this will likely be uncomfortable a majority of the time 3) I am not the only one crazy enough to do this alone

Warm up:

A quick yog down the street, 25 SSH, 25 imperial walkers, 25 merkins

Henkie: in honor of Derby day I decided to share some of the similar pain our four legged money pits will experience today. The lucky number today was 14, for the number of ponies in today’s race (I assumed a heavy number of scratches).

Turn 1: 14 declined merkins

Turn 2: 14 box jumps (with a knee slap of course)

Turn 3: 14 big boy sit ups (picture)

Turn 4: 14 curls with a a carefully selected stone in the shape of our neighoring state Tennessee (elected to discard the first two housing a black widow and fire ants, respectively)

Approximately 50 yards and 2.5 hills between each turn.

Rinse and repeat for each furlong of the race (10 for those that need to look it up)


While the M and I were the only ones on #thehill this weekend I like to assume I would have headlocked a few neighbors last night after too many drinks, or gotten concerned looks this morning. My mind kept wondering to every time @nugget aka rainman has Q’d but stayed focused on not slipping down the hill and rolling my ankle again.

The work out was very dirty, soggy, and the hardest thing I did today (followed by making bloody marys).







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