Monday Ruck BO BB

Starting a Monday with a WO is a good thing. Nay, a great thing. 9 HIMs showed up to get better.

PAX: Airplane, Snowman, Diablo, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Mouth, MadCow, RedRoof and Zartan

Conditions: Perfect rucking weather. Crisp and dry.

Gearlander: SmartWool no see em socks, Salomon XD Pro kicks, LuLu short shorts, Army Adidas shirt and Tac Hat.

Nothing too crazy today but Mouths hair. It was amazing. We chatted about the weekend festivities and the sluggish end to the weekend. Nailed the 2dn F and reinforced the beauty of our Rucks. Nailed the timing as we ended exactly at 615 having completed just shy of 3 miles.

NOR, COR and closed with a “let’s do some good this week.”

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