Star child’s Improversation at The Vet

Without any type of plan, I found my ‘inner Michael Scott’ for a little Improversation this morning for a Vet beat down.

Location: The back of Veterans Park

Weather: perfect

Q: ⭐️ 👶

Pax: YHC, Flounder, MyCoffee, Bobross, Hot Wheels, Kilo, Newman, Airoby, Piggy, and Snow Day

Zoo Gear: what I wore is inconsequential. Newman had on pink ranger panties, which allowed us to confirm his thighs are thinner than Airoby’s calves.


A little mosey to get the blood flowing.  I also wanted to share some insight from our GROWRUCK Cadre (F3 Linus).  Cadence is not always a 4 count.  Sometimes we forget to just use a 2 count, and end up rushing through an exercise which causes bad form.  2 counts can be just as hard but slows us down to make sure we have the right form.

• 100 SSH (as always)

• 20 Merkins (2 Count)

• 20 Merkins

• 20 Cherry Pickers

• 20 Squats (2 Count)

• 20 Imperial Walkers

Thang 1

• Hamburger Press- We ran near some big concrete steps- 5 to be exact. So I introduced Hamburger Presses (squat facing away from the step until you (your balls) touch (or slam if you aren’t careful) the step, then jump up in the air. One HP on the first step, then box jump to the next and do two HPs.  So we increased HPs all the way up, then decreased on the way down back to 1 HP.

• Dip Increase Step Ups- 2 dips on the first, all the way to 6 on the last, then back down.

• We repeated this to cut this BB down a bit, and so I remembered more of what we did.

Thang 2

• We ran up to a large parking lot that offered up a LONG line for suicides.

◦ Merkin Suicides- 5, 10, 15 on each consecutive turn

◦ Bear Craw Suicide on way to line, run back

◦ Burpee Suicides- 5, 10, 15 on each consecuive turn

Thang 3

• With a little more time to spare, we partnered up to offer a small breather, with one partner running around a tower while the other performed LBCs.  Repeato 3 times each partner.


• We ran back to where we started for some quick mary (out of time).  I offered up the Isolated Big Boy, which I learned on the GROWRUCK.  25 of those bad boys then we were all done!


• Saturday is the LexVegas Launch!  Flounder and @dschardein are driving a clown car to help out.  Feel free to contact them for a ride if you can make it.  Also, @benkiloclark is hosting the first Q&A on rucking this Wednesday on Facebook Live.


I thanked the 10 HIMs for coming out to start the week off right.  Keeping all our other friends in our prayers and thanking the Sky Q for another great Derby weekend on the big ball.

Star Child out.


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