2.26.18 Ruck BO: Alligator

PAX: Pew Pew, Tool Time, OJ, Diablo, Wham!, RedRoof, Mouth, Captain Insane-o, Zartan(Q)

So this was our route rotated 90 degrees and it looks like a alligator. This reptile was 4ish miles depending on the watch worn.

Monday’s can be rough. Harder still with a Sunday night basketball game. But Mouth has the rucking bug so I threw this little ditty together to help us all start the week off on the right foot.

Great mix of F3Louisville HIMs hit a 15 minute pace , again depending on watch, and we had some in the tank when we finished. Everyone continues to get better and these bonds are stronger than ever.

Hit the week hard boys. To quote a SkyLine Chili billboard, “Yesterdays tomorrow is today” I think I may have just earned a 3-Way or Quimby depending on your appetite.

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