11.24.18 Ruiner BB: Charles Bronson kicked my ass

PAX: RedRoof, StarChild, Kilo, Vincent(R), Wham!, Deuce, BlackLung(DR), Hannibal, Nugget, SeaBass & Zartan (Q) Conditions: High 40’s and wet.  No rain but the ground was saturated. Gearlander: NB Minimus Kicks, SW socks, LuLu shorts, F3 Shirt, TacHat with Fighting 69th patch F3 gives you back what you put into it.  You work hard and showContinue reading “11.24.18 Ruiner BB: Charles Bronson kicked my ass”

11.24.18 Ruiner PB: Z is bringing a friend

✅ Over indulge on Thanksgiving ✅ Sip some seasonal beverages ✅ knock out honey do list at home So far this break has been as expected. Tomorrow in the gloom however I may throw some curve balls at the PAX. Meet me and my friend Charles at 0700 at the tennis courts. Dress accordingly andContinue reading “11.24.18 Ruiner PB: Z is bringing a friend”

9.22.18 Hurt BB: Princess Power

Who ever said that Disney Princess songs are not suitable for WO music was crazy. PAX: SumpPump, MadCow, Buschhhhh, OldBay, CornBread, Mouth, Diablo, Peroni, Zartan(Q)Conditions: Glorious sub 70’s I believeGearlander: UA Socks, NB minimus, LuLu shorts and F3 long sleeve with standard Tac HatWhen I showered up this morning I was worried I was gonna beContinue reading “9.22.18 Hurt BB: Princess Power”

9.22.18 Hurt PB: Gozer the Gozerian

Hello again. I am back with a new routine and some choices the PAX gets to make to determine their future destruction. Just like in Ghostbusters you all get to pick your destroyer. But since I can’t read minds like Gozer, we will have to vote. Bring gloves, extra energy and a photon blaster ifContinue reading “9.22.18 Hurt PB: Gozer the Gozerian”

9.21.18 BackBlast: Big 4 BO

PAX: BuschhhhPlumbBobFridgeZooQuimbyCBDigiornoRedRoofFaceZartan (Q)Conditions: it’s never bad on the OhioGearlander: NB Minimus kicks, Calloway socks, ASICS super short short shorts, Nike Dry Fit fit and my stand by Tac Hat. “It was a good day”….. was one of the 90’s hip hop songs we may or may not have heard as we clowned car’d it toContinue reading “9.21.18 BackBlast: Big 4 BO”

9.21.18 Big 4 BlackOp @0530: No Strairway to Heaven

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go” Shannon L. AlderAs I go through a 30 Day Challenge with some guys at church it reminds me a lot of our group. Working to get better by sharing in a journey together. Allowing each other to be vulnerable and have aContinue reading “9.21.18 Big 4 BlackOp @0530: No Strairway to Heaven”

9.11.18 BoW BB: Today we remember

Today is a day to remember all that was lost 17 years ago in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Brave Americans did what we hope we all would do when faced with overwhelming odds… they fought. They worked together. They showed tremendous courage. They made the ultimate sacrifice. They made us all proud to beContinue reading “9.11.18 BoW BB: Today we remember”

9.11.18 BoW PreBlast: Tomorrow we remember

September 11th is day that none of us will ever forget. Tomorrow in the gloom we will remember the cowardice act made against our country and the strength and fearlessness of those Americans who died trying to save their fellow Countrymen. We will not be cowards. We will show strength. Face had a great ideaContinue reading “9.11.18 BoW PreBlast: Tomorrow we remember”

7.19.18 Agony Backblast: Impressed but not surprised

PAX: Gilligan, Digiorno, Ersay, UncleRico, HotWheels Abacus, DoubleDown((R), Yogi. BigBird, MeterMaid, Boozer, Huggies, LaunchPad,(R) Catfish, WildFlower, Mama’sBoy, Airplane & Zartan (QIC)Conditions: like the feeling when you are at a restaurant and upon returning from a bathroom visit you see that your food has arrived. In other words, perfect. Gearlander: LuLu shorts a bit too tightContinue reading “7.19.18 Agony Backblast: Impressed but not surprised”

7.2.18 Mutt BO BB: I will have one shaved Grinder and a couple of coupons on the side

In true BlackOp form, today’s WO was born out of one mans desire to post when other options would not accommodate his schedule. That man was me, obviously, and an early work meeting kept me from posting at either option at Poshlands. Point is this: If you want to do something different from what’s normallyContinue reading “7.2.18 Mutt BO BB: I will have one shaved Grinder and a couple of coupons on the side”

6.19.18 Rooster BB: Thank you.

PAX: Fergie, Digiorno, MadCow, GlenRoss, Methane, Duplo, Fridge, Cougar, Scratch, StarChild, Duece, Steerage, CowBell, PED, Pepperoni, LeftEye, Tiger, Kilo, Wham-o, BackDraft, Geppetto, Escort, Zartan(Q) Conditions: sauna-esk Gearlander: NB Minimus, Callaway Black no see em socks, LuLu gray shorts and navy blue Nike dryfit. Skull hoorag It’s been awhile since I posted during the week. Actually,Continue reading “6.19.18 Rooster BB: Thank you.”

5.17.18 Mary T BlackOp: Addition by Division

It has been stated that YHC is hosting BlackOps at locations near the Mutt on the same day as Mutt WOs.  This statement is 100% true.  In order to continue our growth it is critical we thin the ranks on WOs that are trending into the high 20’s week after week. Imagine an FNG whoContinue reading “5.17.18 Mary T BlackOp: Addition by Division”

5.15.18 Sojourn BlackOp BB: Sloop John B

So sometimes using Mechanix gloves to protect your manicured hands has negative consequences. And other times a fat fingered Tabata App tap skips a Thin Lizzy song and lands you squarely in a Beach Boys playlist. The result: beautiful. Any way, we pushed the non running WO to the limits today and I am prettyContinue reading “5.15.18 Sojourn BlackOp BB: Sloop John B”

5.14.18 Sojourn BlackOp: QuadStrong is the name of the game.

Now I can’t read Cyrillic but these look like some solid quad exercises. Coupons will be integrated and we will struggle to reach anything on high shelves by late afternoon. Come out to Sojourn for a nasty full body WO with no distance running. 0530 start time. Be there or tell everyone at the RoosterContinue reading “5.14.18 Sojourn BlackOp: QuadStrong is the name of the game.”