7.5.18 Extender BB

PAX: Duece, PeftEye, Hooch, Nugget, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Tammy Faye Baker, PED, SunpPump, Zartan (Q)Conditions: Moist Gearlander: NB Minimus kicks, Ankle bitter Nike socks, LuLu shorts, Green Nike T, Tac HatThis Q was somewhat of a last minute decision. Extender needed a Q and I casually mentioned I would take it if no one stepped up. Well, no one did so I did. I was somewhat nervous about it since I really didn’t take care of my body that well the past few days. Oh well. I made it out of the fartsack and that’s all that matters. Prior to our start Nugget and I discussed how many PAX I thought might show up. With 3 cars in the lot I figured it may be 3 but Mutt’rs started rolling in and we started and finished with 10 studs. We took a mosey around the school primarily because I needed to be reassured that my body could handle any activity. Slightly surprised I started feeling better with each step. We circled up in the back parking lot for some COP and exercise introduction and counting group work. I led the first exercise with what I believe to be the proper verbiage to get us going and round and round we went u til everyone had led the group in an exercise. Left Eye nailed the instructions and everyone stepped up and tried. Reminder everyone that practice makes perfect and that there is no sham in introducing exercise to your self while driving to and from work. That repetition helped me tremendously last summer. We did a minimum of 10 and up to 20 of the following (I think)SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Burpees, LBC, Rosalitas, Merkin arm plank (curtesy of SP) grass grabbers, copperhead Squats and Abe Vs. Headed down to prayer garden and everyone grabbed a coupon and circled up. We did a incline Merkin TimeBomb on the Coupon 10-1. Followed by a quick 10 count, then a 5 min circuit of 60 seconds of each of the following. No breaks. Just work BigBoy sit ups Coupon bench press CurlsRowsRockies No we were cooking. At this point we went around again and everyone led a coupon or Mary exercise. Curls, Coupon V Ups, Overhead Press, Coupon Squats, Swings, Phiffer Kicks (not led by me), LBC, American Hammers, Zoos A Rod/ J Low 5 count smoke show(these were hard) Returned coupons and moseyed to the Cherrywood side walk at the end of the long parking lot. Lined up for one AYG sprint to the end of the lot and moseyed together to flag for COR, NOR and COT. Great to get out this morning and crush it with all of you. Mumblechatter was at minimum but I hope you all enjoyed it. Some time over the last week or so I realized I have been to over 200 WOs since last June. I have gotten myself in the best shape of my adult life and realized lately that it will go away quick if you slack off. Zoo and I joked on one of the runs today that a week off is killer and a month… Woof. Glad to be back in the fold and look forward to seeing you guys in the gloom. Z

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