8.13.18 Old School O BO BB

Gentleman we are in the age of change here at F3 Louisville and I could not be happier.  New leaders are emerging and F3L is getting ready for an infusion of awesome that will propel us into 2019 in style.

And while YHC embraces change, I needed a dose of a good old fashion Seneca black op workout.  For those newish PAX members we use to call the O Seneca, BOs black ops and WO workouts.  Crazy right.  So I threw out a BO for the O and this is what went down.

PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, OldBay, Backdraft, Nugget, DoubleDown, LittleJerry, OJ, Captain Insane-o, Diablo, Wham!, GlenRoss, Quimby, Mouth, Hamm and Zartan(Q’dre)

Conditions:  I was very sore and tired but I believe it was relatively pleasant.

Gearlander: everything was just a little snug except my hat since i chopped my mop.

Disclaimer given and we moseyed off around the track towards Cannons Ln.  About half we up we stopped of in the field for some COP.

15 SSH IC, 15 IW IC, 15 Abe Vs IC, 15 Grass Grabbers IC, 15 Bluff Hikers IC

Headed back towards Cannons until we neared the corner.  We lined up in 2 lines for some InchWorm BearCrawls.  Pax planks in line while 6 bear crawls to the front.  Rinse and repeat until everyone crawled twice.

Continued around the loop until we were about 1/2 down the far side of the track. Stopped again for another fun line game.  Everyone did AMRAP LBCs, will the 6 broad jumped to the front of the line.  Half way through we switched to flutter kicks until all PAX had broad jumped their way down the line.

Finished off we a jog (soft j) to the tennis courts.  We headed back to the deep dark corner for Merkin TimeBombs.  MC slowed during this but we soldiered through.

Partnered up and lined up on the end line to get the heart going again.  P1 did AMRAP burpees while P2 ran to end of second court and back.  Everyone did 2 sets.

Circled for MARY.

Truth be told I had a really weird day and the spinach salad I ate at 2pm for lunch did not fuel my brain.  I believe we did the following.

15 Freddie Mercury IC

Phiffer Kicks on my count

V Ups on, well we did V Ups.  My counting left something to be desired.

SC led us in some crab toe touch awkwardness that was difficult and ridiculous

15 Big Boy Sit Ups

Nugget led us in pickle pounders (side note: the FIA ladies may have been scared off our actions and our MC at this point in the workout)

5 Boy-os

Long way back to flag not flag and thats a wrap.

COR, NOR and COT.  All but one PAX present have been doing F3 for a year.  I thought that was really cool.  We reminded each other that we a brotherhood that will not allow our own to suffer alone.  In life and the gloom, we have each others backs and that no problem needs to be handled alone.

As always humbled by this group and look forward to having a Quimby next Monday at a public park near some restrooms.  Open to all men.


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