8/14 Backblast #theCarpenter

If you read my pre blast, you would’ve taken note that I’m quite perturbed with the theft of the coupons at some of our AOs.  Somewhere some guy is slowly laying a new foundation for a new home.  “Screw Lowes, just head down to Seneca park and look under the tree line for fresh cinder blocks.”  I digress…

I actually didn’t Q today, but if I did I would’ve done it like this.

OJ – Q

PAX: Face, Tin Cup, Captain Insaneo, Tron, Methane, Flo Jo

A mosey to the paved area around the house for COP

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 SSHs IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

Plank Right Arm/Left Arm Up

Native American run down through the park taking a left on Tycoon Way.  Once we entered the neighborhood, we switched to prisoner style.  Took a right on Ridgefield Rd up to the top of the street.

Partner up.  “Wait, what’s that, we have 7?”  Of course we do.  I’ve literally never had an even number at any of my Q’s when I’ve needed partner work.

P1 at the top of the hill – Squats AMRAP

P2 runs to the bottom of the hill 10 merkins – switch up

P1 holds plank

P2 runs to the bottom of the hill 10 merkins – switch up

P1 Bobby Hurleys AMRAP

P2 runs to the bottom of the hill 10 merkins – switch up

Ok Ok thats enough of that hill – woof

Mosey to the far parking lot

PAX would bear crawl across the lot doing 2 burpees after every other parking space all the way to the end.

Tin Cup said it would’ve been a good day to fart sack.  😊

Coming back PAX would crab walk two spaces and do 1 burpee each time back.

PAX then Lunge walked back down the entire lot and then Broad jumped all the way back.  Is that Flo Jo up there?  Good grief, if we ever have a Broad Jump contest, that’s my guy.

Mosey back to the cars for some Mary

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Pretzel Crunches IC (10 ea leg)

20 Gas Pumps IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

20 Single leg lifts IC (unknown name for exercise I did at Hilton Head that was tough)


Prayers are with Flo Jo and one of his friend’s family.  His best friend committed suicide last week leaving a wife and children behind.

I thanked the guys for coming out and supporting me.  We have so many AOs and places to chose to workout.  The Carpenter needs some support.  It’s really a great AO.

We all signed a card I got for Ming who had the heart attack last week and Methane said he’d take it to the Posh tomorrow.  It’d be great to get a huge number of PAX to sign and get it back to him.  CI made a good point that Ming does a lot of running at night by himself and it’s good that there were people around him when it happened last week.  Could’ve been worse had he been all alone.

Signed off with prayer thanking God for this group.  Such an amazing thing we get to share together.


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