8.14.18 The Mutt – Backblast

Preparation is the key to everything in life. It helps with home improvement projects, work meetings, school, and Q’s. This morning was a lesson in not preparing for your Q. What I did do is prepare excuses for why I did not prepare for the Q. I was tried from the Ruck Saturday, watching soccer all day Sunday, Zartan’s BO @ the O on Monday, meet the teacher on Monday night, or lack of sleep the last 5 days as we finished up the Amazon Prime original series Goliath (recommend for all to watch). Either one would have been a good reason but as I stare at my whiteboard in my office I am reminded of a quote that one of my managers wrote on my white board, “Excuses are tools of the incompetent that amount to nothing.” So I just said I did not prepare and moved on with the workout. Yes, we take banking and card payments pretty serious around here.

PAX (24) Deuce, Spreadsheet, Tonka, Buschhhhh, Spinal Tap, Flounder, Cowbell, Left Eye, Pink Panther, Miyagi, Blue Print, Rih Rih, Tiger, Mad Cow, Zima, Sump Pump, Ham, Whamo, Cool Hand Luke, Tureen, Aerobie, Wham!, Windshield (FNG).

Gearlander: Underarmour headband

Disclaimer given and we moseyed off around the school and circled up for the warm up.

Kenda Newmans, Grass Grabbers, lower back stretching, Downward Dog.

Thang 1
Counted off in 2’s and did a short run around the reflection path to pick up coupons and meet back in the large parking lot to begin the beatdown. Facing each other we did 20 Sumo Jumps, 20 Core Killers, 20 Sum Jumps, 20 Core Killers. I learned the Sumo Jump from an exercise program my M purchased online for $199.00 about 6 months ago. I try to use them in every workout to reduce my average cost. At some point they will be free. Tiger gave us a 10 count and we moved to my second favorite exercise that I learned from PED, the V Up. PED did a coupon V Up at one of his Q’s and I loved it. But I need to make this V Up my own so we did a 10 count V up TimeBomb.

Thang 2
With your same partner we did our coupon work. One HIM would run to the end of the parking lot and do 5 merken mountain climbers while the other HIM worked through, 4 sets of 100’s – overhead, curls, squats, bench. This workout is my favorite as you get a little running (not long distance) and strength all in one.

Thang 3
Lined back up across from your partner and did a 5 count Sumo Jump TimeBomb. 2’s ran to put the coupons away while 1’s circled up for some MARY. Did not have a lot of time so we did I set of American Hammers to 20.

We circled up and talked about those that are struggling or need a little extra help. I am not a huge prayer guy and when I Q @Old Bay takes us out as he is much better at this than I am. He was a no show so I gave a very inspirational speech about living life under two rules, don’t be an asshole and don’t kill anyone. Until the next one ~ MOUTH

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