7.2.18 Mutt BO BB: I will have one shaved Grinder and a couple of coupons on the side

In true BlackOp form, today’s WO was born out of one mans desire to post when other options would not accommodate his schedule. That man was me, obviously, and an early work meeting kept me from posting at either option at Poshlands.

Point is this: If you want to do something different from what’s normally scheduled, find one PAX member who will hard commit and post it on the calendar. That easy. Use it for scoping a new site, for posting before or after a normal work out, or just because you have a work meeting and want to get out and do something hard to start the week. Freed to lLead.

PAX: Buschhhhh, OldBay, Grinder(shaved), Mouth, PED, Miyagi, Wham!, Zartan(Q)

Conditions: OB said his car reported 80 degrees prior to our 0530 startex

We started out with quick disclaimer and ran around the new waking path to the prayer garden. Everyone grabbed 2 coupons. One remained at the prayer garden and we brought the other on up top to the parking lot. Circled up for COP

All 15 IC

Copperhead Squat

Grass grabber



Thang 1

Started in parking lot with 25 Rows, Run to prayer garden for 25 more Rows, back to top. Kept same pattern for 50 Curls and 50 over head presses.

Round 2 was 50 One arm coupon raises, 50 lunges and 50 high curls.

Back at the parking lot we partnered up at the end of the lot. P1 farmer carried 2 coupons about 35yrs up and back while P2 did Merkins. Switch

Next was Overhead coupon up and back while P2 did Big Boy sit ups

Third round was AYG coupon carry up and back while P2 did Burpees.

Brought coupons back down then ran back up for some Mary. Everyone got a chance to lead group in one exercise. Min 10 Max 15 reps.

Gas pumps, flutter kicks, dying cockroach, V Ups, LBC, American Hammers, Rosalita and Buschhhh has us hold legs straight out while he shared his Ireland stories at my request.

After we completed 4 of the above we took a break for 3 4x4s. At the end we did 5 BOYOs followed by 30 yd run and a 100yd AYG back to the flag.

Still had some time so I led everyone in one of my favorites. Pfeiffer kicks on me. We went around the circled as we did this sharing our plans for the 4th. Near the end the disruptions got shorter and shorter.

COR, NOR and COT. This is a rough week for my family and I asked the group to keep us in their TAPs.

Love this group and the HIMs that show up day after day to push each other and themselves to get better.

YHC- Zartan

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