BackBlast – The Ruiner Sat. 6/30

It had been a while since I led a Saturday Q so when Red Roof mentioned needing one for this past Saturday I jumped at the chance.  This may have been against my better judgement though as I had a 27 hole golf event to play in Saturday after the Post.  Hence, the late BB.  It was a long hot weekend.   Gearlander for Zoo – sweaty Asics trail shoes, black Asics Socks, Asics 7″ running shorts and an Under Armor tank (one of these things is not like the other).  Turn out was a solid 15 including 2 FNG’s, one being Loco’s 2.0.

Attendees – OJ, Tin Cup (happy b-day), Little Jerry(R), Double Down(R), Mayberry, Captain Insane-O, Red Hawk(R), FNG Acorn (R), Loco, FNG Stinger, Tron, Force Close(R), Glen Ross, Pope and Vincent.

There was a lot of activity going on at Seneca Saturday morning so YHC thought there would have to be a venue change but the 7AM start allowed us to finish just in time.  KORT PT had a tent up and there was a women’s tennis tournament of some kind starting at 8 AM.  2 lucky ladies had the privilege of playing on a court with 14 sweaty PAX prints scattered across the surface.

We moseyed the long way from the flag to the Courts for COP which consisted of Hill Billys, Shoulder Stretch, Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog and Cobra stretch and Grass Grabbers.

Thang 1:  Brutal.  Pair up for a somewhat modified Dora circuit.  Partner 1 Burpee Broad jumps across the first court then runs the length of the other 3 courts and back.  The exercises to complete – 200 lunges, 250 merkins  and 200 squat jacks.  The initial plan was to do 300 squat jacks but the panting, sweating and time dictated we modify that to 200.  Believe me when I say it was plenty.

Thang 2:  Glen Ross’s 7 minute plank challenge.  1 min on hands – 30 sec break, 1:30 on forearms – 30 sec break, 2:00 mins on hands – 30 sec break, 1:30 on forearms and finish with 1:00 min on hands after the final 30 sec break.   Planking gave everyone a chance to catch their breath but the core was shaking and the shoulders were burning.

This put us at 35 minutes in and time for a water break.  We moseyed to the flag for some cold H2O, then on to the coupons for #3.

Coupon Thabata – 8 exercises, one minute on with a 30 second break.  Incline Merkins, Squats, Coupon Swings, Dead Lifts, Overhead Press, Curls, Rows and Decline Merkins .

We finished up with some Mary work and called it right at 8 bells.   That would have been a challenging workout without the heat but Saturday’s conditions made it even tougher.   Circled up for COT, announcements and intentions.  I praised the PAX for their efforts and encouraged all to spend the day catching up on fluids.

Until next time, SYITG.


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