Kilo 2 for 1 BackBlast 6/28 #Agony 7/2 #NorthPosh

8FA329D2-B9FF-4445-A10A-0352FD44B930Hey Kilo, why is it taking you so long to get the backblast up from your Q last week at the county?

See picture above

YHC had 8,000 things on the honey do list before a weekend trip to Lake Cumberland on a houseboat with no kids.  Needless to say, I fart sacked my BB!


6/28 TheCounty #Agony


Valdez, BOozer, Battier, Meter Maid, Uncle Rico, Tony Malito, Double Down, Little Jerry, Forced Close, Huggies, Airplane, PorkChop, Hook Em (FNG), WeedWacker, Launch Pad, Matlock, Ashley, Catfish, Yogi, Cochran.


Slow Mosey around the old church to circle up in back parking lot for COP.




Mtn Climbers

Abe Vigodas

Grass Grabbers



Dora 123 up hill

100 squats

200 lunges

300 pulse squats



Kilogility course run around the trees and up and down the hill.  We ran around the course approx. 5 times and pax were feeling the hills.



Jack Webb with plank crawl in between

all pax lined up on a parking space

1 merkin

plank crawl approx 20 yds to parking space across from you.

4 shoulder presses

all the way up to 5/20…….BRUTAL


burnout sprints

YHC took the pax on a sprint mosey train to kill the legs…..




I love the county!! If you haven’t been out there, GO!!



7/2 NorthPosh #BeastModeOn



Nino, WeedWacker, Abacus, Bobble, Hot Wheels, McAfee, Huggies, Crash, PK, Schwann (FNG), Plethora, Piggy, Valdez


25 SSH

15 Grass Grabbers

and we were off for a mosey.

Half way down the Louisville Loop Hill there’s a semi flat spot


Partner up for thang 1


P1 run quarter mile up top of hill

P2 mini band squats


Thang 2

P1 Mini band monster walk down hill and back up

P2 Big Boy sit ups


Thang 3

P1 Run quarter mile to bottom of hill and back up

P2 mini band merkins



Thang 4

All Pax run midway up the hill and complete 20 big boys to add to their Vince count.

run about another 200 yds and 20 more big boys to end it.




Im the only one dumb enough to sign up to Q the day after a weekend bender.  It was really tough on me this morning, but I never would have done it if I didn’t know there would be PAX in the gloom pushing me to get better.  We went HARD and we GOT BETTER!!

Remember to do your 200 Big Boy SitUps everyday this week as we think about Vince going through treatment in Cincinnati.

Til next fartsacked BB!


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