9.21.18 Big 4 BlackOp @0530: No Strairway to Heaven

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go” Shannon L. AlderAs I go through a 30 Day Challenge with some guys at church it reminds me a lot of our group. Working to get better by sharing in a journey together. Allowing each other to be vulnerable and have a safe environment to grow in our faith/ourselves. Makes me feel double blessed to have all of you and a strong faith community to lean on. Thank you all. So my reference to heaven is coincidence. My reference to stairs however is factual. Who ever thinks the stairs at Big 4 lead to heaven is crazy. They usually lead to weird blood/popsicle stains or abandoned tricycles. Either way tomorrow I promise they will help us on our journey to get better. There will be plenty of nipplechatter, not a typo Zoo, and a healthy dose of F U Q from the PAX. Easily modified and no man left behind. No gloves needed but bring a towel or an extra shirt. Your car seat will thank you later. SYITG

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