9.22.18 Hurt BB: Princess Power

Who ever said that Disney Princess songs are not suitable for WO music was crazy. PAX: SumpPump, MadCow, Buschhhhh, OldBay, CornBread, Mouth, Diablo, Peroni, Zartan(Q)Conditions: Glorious sub 70’s I believeGearlander: UA Socks, NB minimus, LuLu shorts and F3 long sleeve with standard Tac HatWhen I showered up this morning I was worried I was gonna be solo.  At 0650 I was alone.  Diablo showed up after and we discussed the serious modifications we would make to my weinke if it was just the two of us.  Then SumpPump rolled in with his window down pointing a proton blaster at me.  I seriously ducked behind my car like I was about to get shot.  Shout out for not only reading the PB but showing up  strong with a proton blaster in tow.Proton BalsterBut those Mutts did not disappoint.  We started at 0700 sharp with 9 princesses,  I mean PAX, and hit the ground running.5 BOYOs, run to prayer garden to collect some coupons and bought them up to the parking lot near a cone for 5 more BOYOs and plank while you wait.Once gathered, and while still in plank, I gave PAX a chance to choose their destroyer like Gozer from GBs.  While the StayPuff Marshmallow Man was not on the menu, Cleopatra and Pocahontas were.  With an odd number YHC was the swing vote and Cleopatra won out.Partnered up for Coupon run around the neighborhood.  Headed down Cherrywood and went left down Gilman. Down the and stop and wait for 6. P1 did 20 Curls and 10 Presses (rinse and repeat) while P2 ran up the hill and back. 2 rounds each. Finished off with the partner coupon run back to HT. We circled up in the back parking lot for the Dirty Dozen.Tabata for 12 minutes. 50 sec on 10 offSSH, Big Boy Sit Ups, Coupon Squat, Coupon overhead press 3 sets of each. This was the moment that the group chose to listen to Disney Princess Music. After this it was the Burpee Mile. Not really a mile but whatever. There were 4 cones placed around HT. We started with 8 burpees on cone 1 and then 7 at 2, 6 at 3. You get it. Finished where we started. Returned coupons and headed back to parking lot. Finished with some Mary. Flutter Kick IC 20 while holding coupon Some coupon presses with leg liftsFreddy Mercury’s ICBigBoy SUs5 Boyos And finAlways a pleasure to lead at the Mutt. Zartan

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