Black Ops Ranger Panties Ruck Back Blast 9/22

Cloudy 63 degrees 85% humidity

PAX 12 – Huggies (Q), Alexa, Grinder, Meter Maid, Maize, Miyagi, Nice n Slow, Nino, Gypsy, McAfee, Chestnut, Tool Time

I found this from an ad released by GoRuck.  To be eligible for a “Ranger Panties” patch,  we had to wear our rucks (no weight requirement) and ranger panties.  These are basically short shorts with a cut out on the outer thigh.  They leave little to the imagination, but are supposed to be great for our workouts.  It was vague in terms of the mileage but we figures 10 miles would give us a good shot at earning the patch.

We started at the entrance to pope lick park.  The plan was to follow the Louisville loop about 5 miles south and to then head back toward where we started another 5 miles or so to my place which is right off of Floyd’s Fork.

About 3 miles in we were surprise attacked by some natives along the trail.  They turned out to be our own fellow F3 Star Course trainees.  A few ranger panty changes later and we were back on our way.  Thanks guys!

We enjoyed the rest of the morning, uneventful.   The sun rose about half way through.  It was really nice morning overall.  We ended up at my place.  About 8 pax stayed for some breakfast (made by my M which was delicious) as well as some beers and mimosas.  It was a great time.

We did a loose COT on my front porch.  No announcements.  No intentions.

It was an honor as always.  See you next time!



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