9.21.18 BackBlast: Big 4 BO

PAX: BuschhhhPlumbBobFridgeZooQuimbyCBDigiornoRedRoofFaceZartan (Q)Conditions: it’s never bad on the OhioGearlander: NB Minimus kicks, Calloway socks, ASICS super short short shorts, Nike Dry Fit fit and my stand by Tac Hat. “It was a good day”….. was one of the 90’s hip hop songs we may or may not have heard as we clowned car’d it to the Big 4 Bridge. Zoo, Quimby and CountryBoy all rallied last night and an 0508 met time was established. Upon further review we can leave a bit later. We had 7 HCs so when started with 10 I was more than pleased. Damn I love a Big 4 BO to start my hellacious work day. Disclaimer given we moseyed to the top of the bridge for COPKendra Newman’s Digiorno Arm Stretch (he invented it)Don-V-Mills IWsCHSquats. Mosey to middle of Bridge Dip- Step Up 11sDo 10 Dips on benches, run to next set of benches for 1 step up. Rinse repeat until 1 Dip 10 Step ups. I called this one a bit short because we were in a schedule baby. Partnered up and moseyed to stairs in Indiana. P1 did 15 Squats, 10 lunges and 5 merkins while P2 ran down and up stairs. Rinse repeat for 4 rounds… I think. Formed up into a line for a Native American run back to about 1/4 of the way across bridge. From here we did a catch me if you can with your partner. P1 did 2 burpees while the P2 Bernie Sanders towards civilization, just kidding PlumbBob. With about 1/4 left to go we moseyed as a group with the possibility of a Billy run to close out the Bridge. Billy run never came. We circled up and started Mary as a group of FIA fit ladies came running by. We were in the way so some gentlemen recommended we move. So we did. And then another PAX said that was the perfect opportunity to display our pickle pounders so IMO, that was my first miss on my Q. We did rotating flutter kicks IC and Big boy sit ups. 35 each I believe. Finished with run down to the flag with a self directed AYG to finish. Buschhhh and Fridge Larry Bird’d the shit out of it. 3 minutes to go so we did Freddie Mercuries and 50 LBCs to finish us off. Gave some words from the heart and we were off. Z

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