5.17.18 Mary T BlackOp: Addition by Division

It has been stated that YHC is hosting BlackOps at locations near the Mutt on the same day as Mutt WOs.  This statement is 100% true.  In order to continue our growth it is critical we thin the ranks on WOs that are trending into the high 20’s week after week.

Imagine an FNG who shows up and 26 guys are standing around talking and goofing off prior to a WO.  They don’t know anyone and maybe they talk to a few guys over the 45 minute beatdown.  Did they get the same experience that you had on your first post?  Did the 2dn F really do its job as the “glue” to make them want to come back?  I would venture to say no.

This concept of addition by division has caused us some angst in the past.  No one wants to leave their buddies and the vibe/culture of an AO.  But at the end of the day its necessary to allow growth within Louisville and honestly it has been one of the most rewarding aspects of F3 for me.  Well, not as rewarding as all the good we have done in the community.  And not quite as cool as all the HIMs I am blessed to call my friends since joining you in the gloom. But it’s been a whole hell of a lot of fun checking out new spots and hearing feedback from guys who post.

So join me tomorrow at Mary T (The Reservoir) for a 0530 Beatdown. This might be a good spot for a future AO. And it might not be. We won’t know until you guys come out and see what the site has to offer.

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