@F3TheMutt PreBlast #Extender 5.17.18

You know how it always seems to rain when Nugget Q’s? Or how that one time when Busch solo Q’d he brought a keg? Or how you know you’re gonna do some sort of awful exercise set to music when Glauc Q’s? Or how CI wears smedium everything? Or how spreadsheet dresses like it’s January- just this morning? I digress. But you get my point. It’s like F3 Pavlov’s dog. You hear a PAX member, and immediately associate an action that always seems to happen.

Welp. Welcome Zartan and his black ops- a- palooza to the word association game. I Q twice this week – and he’s lobbed a counter black ops on both days. I keep hoping my HL will post at one of my Q’s…..but he’s just a bit down the road crushing pax in unique ways, in unique places. Heck- I even tried to lure him out of the fartsack last month at my birthday Q and did Squerkins in his driveway…..but all I got was this👇

Oh well. I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, I’ll be watching the @f3villeblackops handle the next time I Q.

Anyhow, YHSQ has the Q for The Extender tomorrow. It’s my 2nd Q in 3 days. Im making up for my Derby week sabbatical. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be hard. Since only Snowman ventured out of the kennel – I may run a few thangs back. You will:

Touch wet grass

Touch a coupon

Touch pavement

Get better

SYITG…..unless you post at one of the 5 other options……..just post!! This could be a record day!


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