Bayside Backblast 5-17-2018


5 HIMs made it to Bayside in the am

-VQ T18, Spokey Dokey (R), Gilly, Glauc, and Banana Bread

Conditions were dark and foggy, but a perfect 68 degrees.

Started with Mosey to COP

-Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, SSH


-Burpees (10), Pulse squats, SSH


Dora 123’s

Coupon overhead curls (100), Coupon curls(200), Bobby Hurley’s (Patrick Sparks’) (300) with 50 yard sprints AYG with partners

Rotation station

Plank positions with arm climbs onto coupons, LCBs, Coupon Lunges, Merkins, Coupon Squat Overhead presses with coupons (20, pace setter for station rotation)

Mosey to Flag

Announcements, Intentions, and Prayers at flag

We left better then when we got there.

Great work, guys.



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