5/17 Back Blast the O #TempleOfGloom

Well it’s been over a month since I’ve Q’ed.  Seems like forever.  Took some time off, had a lil’ procedure, now all better and ready to induce some pain.

Geerlander:  Skipping TTTToG.  Busted out my Kentucky Wildcats basketball shirt from who knows when (circa early 80’s).  In true CI fashion, it’s at least 3 sizes too tight.  I usually break it out during tournament time when I’m feeling nervous.  Thought I’d give it a go today.  Also sported a sweet Nascar Matt Kenseth hat that I wore for a Halloween party a few years back.  I looked like someone who was about to hit the State Fair.   Get er done…or something like that.

Q – OJ

PAX: Vincent (respect), Red Roof, Donger, Spinal Tap, Chicken Fried, Wham!, Cheese Curd (DR), Cutlass

Started COP right there at the flag

20 Abe Vigotas IC

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 SSHs IC

20 Imperial Walker Squats IC

20 Merkins IC

20 Plank Jacks IC

Thang 1 – Native American run down Circle Hill Rd and back on Homestead Blvd.  Person in back does 2 burpees and sprints to the front.  Total loop probably .5 miles or so.

Thang 2 Sorry not Sorry

Cul de Sac 11’s

At the top start with 10 Mountain Climbers, run to the bottom for 1 Burpee.  Switch it up until you hit 1 Mountain Climber and 10 Burpees (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little). Woof.  Not a lot of chatter here at all.  15 min into the workout and Spinal Tap was extremely excited he chose the O for his workout destination this morning. 😊

Thang 3 – We’re all getting ready to know each other a lot better

Tennis court partners – Lost Wham! here as he had to bail.

1. Partners would Wheel Barrow to the end of TC2, switch up to the end of TC4 and Mario back.

2. Partner carry to the end of TC2, switch up to the end of TC4 and Bernie back.

3. Split up here and each person would Bear Crawl to the end of TC1, Crab Walk to the end of TC2, Lunge to the end of TC3, and Broad jump to the end of TC4.  Sprint back.

Mary time

20 Gas Pumps IC

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 each leg) IC

20 Up Down Elbow Planks IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

**For weeks my 6 yr old daughter has been asking me to make the guys do a certain exercise she made up.  Well today I busted out the “Avery Air Kicks” It’s kinda like a donkey kick except this one is named after her.  I promised her I’d video the guys doing it and needless to say she was happy to see it.  She asked if they thought it was hard and I said they thought it was brutal. 😉

20 Box cutters IC

20 Rosalitas IC


Red Roof mentioned the Make a Wish Ruck at KY Kingdom this Saturday.  Also still need to support the launch of F3 Lexington.

Intentions – Butcher’s mother

I thanked God for a wonderful morning and the men that showed up today.  Asked for guidance from Him to be the men we’re called to be and to be a light for Him in this world.

Love this group

We all agreed that it’s never easy but it’s always worth it.


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