#Ruiner 5/19 Preblast – For My F3 Birthday, I’ll Give You Some Gifts @OF3Louisville

May 20, 2017 was my first F3 post. On May 19, 2018, I’ll have been part of F3 for 364 days.

The 1st F has been great. I’m in better shape. With each workout, led by a friend, a new friend or soon to be friend, I’ve gotten a little better each time. If you come to the Ruiner, I’ll help you get a little better.

The 2nd F has been humbling. The circle of people I know as friends is growing a little larger every day. I’m more enriched because of this. If you come to the Ruiner, I promise your circle of friends will get a little larger.

The 3rd F has been amazing. As a small part of this group, I’ve been able to do more for others this year than I’ve likely done in my entire life. If you come to the Ruiner, I bet someone will be doing something that you can likewise do that will help others.

So, come to the Ruiner. Or don’t. But do something. Get better.



– If you’re new or just want a refresher, I’m going to go over some of the Q school content Dark Helmet brought in December.

I will go over the “why’s” of workout organization, exercise announcement and counting, core principles and the not-rules, rules that we try to follow. It won’t be preachy; I just know how lost I was when I started.

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