(Way)backblast – Extender 5.3.2018

I guess this is where I say my bad.  All the posts from CI about adding the backblast within 24 hours are probably because of me.  This backblast was long overdue,  no excuses, my bad.

On to the blast

This was my second Q, and for some reason I was even more restless the night before than for my VQ.  Not sure why, but it got much better once I got to the Mutt that morning.

QIC: Deuce

PAX: 26 with a few tanked – Fergie, Tureen, Waterboy, Gepetto, Nugget, Wendy, Noxeema Jackson, Backdraft, Snowman, Captain Insane-O, PED, Diablo, Escort, Zartan, Sump Pump, DiGiornio, Airplane, Face, Fridge, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Sherpa, Spreadsheet, Plethora, Left Eye, Deuce

Grass grabbers IC

Runner stretch

Downward dog

Quad stretch

Arm stretch

After all that warm up, had the PAX count off and then partner up.

Thing 1

4 Burpee catch me if you can around the neighborhood.  Start near the portico, with partner 1 doing 4 burpees, while partner 2 takes off running.  Once partner 1 was done with his burpees, he had to sprint to catch up to partner 2, who would stop and do 4 burpees when caught.  Repeat around the neighborhood – down Leland, left on St. Matthews, left on Brookfield until returning to the parking lot.

Thing 2

Keeping the same partners, one partner grabs a coupon and everyone heads to the football field where there was a line of cones strategically placed in the dark earlier with me not knowing exactly how far they needed to be.  The eyeball test seemed to work out OK, I guess.

Starting at one soccer goal, P1 did curls while P2 bear crawls to cone and back and then switching with P1.  Total of 200 curls.

After curls, the 200s repeated but this time with merkins while the other partner lunge walks to the cone and back all until 200 total merkins attained.

After merkins it was one partner doing coupon rows while the other partner broad jumps to the cone and back alternating until 200 rows achieved

Final 200 being one partner doing LBCs while other partner duck walks to the cone and back.  (In  is also where CI requested a demonstration that I think was basically to make me look foolish, and I of course obliged)

Thing 3 was a little Mary as we only had a few minutes left.

Fifer scissors



COT – a few announcements were made, a quick reminder to stay safe for Derby weekend and then a prayer to help us keep getting better in all facets of life.

I truly enjoyed Q more than my first, and appreciate everyone coming out.


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