7.19.18 Agony Backblast: Impressed but not surprised

PAX: Gilligan, Digiorno, Ersay, UncleRico, HotWheels Abacus, DoubleDown((R), Yogi. BigBird, MeterMaid, Boozer, Huggies, LaunchPad,(R) Catfish, WildFlower, Mama’sBoy, Airplane & Zartan (QIC)Conditions: like the feeling when you are at a restaurant and upon returning from a bathroom visit you see that your food has arrived. In other words, perfect. Gearlander: LuLu shorts a bit too tight since I got lazy, shirt that seems short cause my 9th ab got larger and my Tac Hat which still fits surprisingly well (its adjustable). Some background on my decision to Q at the Agony today:

  1. Airplane asked more than a month ago for some Qs and wanting a guaranteed visit to the County I jumped on board.
  2. Since then I have fallen back into some SadClown tendencies. Hence clothes fitting more snug than usual.
  3. My plan was to revisit one of my Qs from last summer I named Burpeepolooza. But Kilo’s Q yesterday and number 4 below required an audible on my part.
  4. I play with F3Fury soccer team on Wednesday nights and while I wanted to blow off our 10pm game last night that’s not my style. So I was tired as shit this morning. Digiorno reaching out to roll with me was the support I needed to keep my head right.

So let’s jump back to the beginning of May at a little bar in St Matthews when I cut out of work early to catch the Liverpool game and bumped into Airplane. He finished up with his buddy and joined me for a little 2dnF and a beverage or two. While we BS’d over normal beer topics Airplane was asking really good questions about F3 as a whole. Questions that I honestly take for granted knowing the answers too. With our growth, I sometimes forget that everyone hasn’t read Freed to Lead nor did they have the privilege of our DH led Q School. Most importantly I forget that they were not around when we figured out how to navigate past the 43ft of road that had been laid before us. Bottom Line is this. Airplane wanted to be more involved and wanted to do stuff and had questions about how to go about doing just that. Fast forward a couple months and with the leadership of Airplane and Abacus and a ton of really great PAX, they created an absolutely fantastic AO. In my role, and I hope they agree, I shared some best practices, tips from past success and failures and then got the hell out of their way. I am pretty sure I also said they didn’t have to listen to a word I said. Again, Freed to Lead and modify as needed (Also discussed over beers) This model of bringing a new workout to F3Louisville is one we should replicate as often as we can. These guys are true leaders and while I am truly impressed I am not surprised. TClaps to some outstanding HIMs. Oh by the way we worked out today too. Here is what went down. Disclaimer given, no FNGs so we moseyed off for a little warm up run. Quarter mile run with high knees and butt kickers along the way. Circled up in front of the buildings for COP20 IW ICKendra Newman’s 10 Merkins IC (chest to ground)20 Grass Grabbers 30 SSH ICMaybe something else. Very sleepy right now. Headed back down to get coupons and meet in parking lot. Left coupons at the top of the hill, does it have a name yet?, and formed up in a line at the bottom of potentially unnamed hill. Burpeecides were up first. 1 burpee run 1/4 up hill 2 burpees and back down, 3 burpees up 1/2 run back down for 4 burpees and on and on until we reached the top after an AYG up that hill. 4x4s while waiting for 6. Blood was flowing. Grabbed coupons and circled up. We did 2 sets of 5 minute tabata with about 1 min between the 2. Round 1 (1 min each no breaks) Rows Curls*Overhead PressMerkins Rockies *so during the curls I mentioned I had read something about HIIT WOs that basically said slow controlled movements for higher reps was better for strength and calorie burn. But it came out like I was giving instructions for a solo intimate activity. Would love the exact wording for heard it at F3 twitter handle. I know a guy Round 2Coupon Flutter Kicks Big Boys American HammersGas Pumps LBCOk I am sweating pretty good now.2 lines of 9 for some version of BearCrawl Inchworm with a burpee at the end. This was pretty hard to stay planked for me but everyone crushed it. Returned coupons and headed to playground. I heard about a burpee modification called a burp-up and wanted to try so we partnered up did AMRAP Burp-ups while P2 did jump lunges. A burp-up is a normal burpee but when you jump up, you grab a pull bar and complete 1 pull up. It was ok but difficult if you are tall and your pole is short. That’s a real thing not another Irish joke. Hard run back to flag for a Big Boy time bomb. All I can say is time was short and this was a bomb. Stick to Merkins for TBs. Announcements for County Saturday WO, OB challenge, Iron Challenge and Q school in August. Led us out with some words of thanksgiving. Privilege to lead you guys today. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to get better.

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