Q: Nugget

Pax (14): Porkchop, Redhawk, Nugget, Cutlass, Tin Cup, Tron, Red Roof, OJ, Carmen Sandiego (FNG), Captain Insaneo (YHC), Sweatshop, Mayberry, Zima, Chicken Fried. Fall Guy (R) popped by to say Hi after getting in 7 Miles. Woof.

Conditions: Like Glorious and Ideal had a baby named Beyoncé.

Gearlander: Nugget had on clothes. Half of them were red. YHC likewise had on clothes. Actually, today everyone was dressed.

I’ll be transparent.  Some of this backblast was written before the workout.  Sometimes I do that for expediency; I need to get it down so I don’t have to worry about meeting Old Bay’s ridiculous time frames.

But here, the pre-written parts were done because they’ve been in my head for a while.  And I wanted to get them down.  Not to be expedient.  But to show respect.  Respect for Nugget.

Nugget and I agreed (based on his cool concept from a few weeks ago) to write each other’s backblasts for our most recent Qs.  I’ve known since I committed to his that I’d take much of this backblast to write about Nugget and what he means to F3 Louisville.  So here goes.

If you’ve followed along, you’ve read about Red Roof.  You’ve probably read about or read the musings (all ghost written by Methane, by the way) of the Twitter-famous, Star Child.  And there are some other names that when you hear F3 Louisville, you think of that Pax.  But one name you absolutely should connote with F3 Louisville is Nugget.

Nugget’s first post was on May 6, 2017, which was the third week of our Leap.  So, aside from Red Roof and Mayberry, Nugget is one of the true OG Founders of F3 Louisville.  He deserves respect for that.

But even more, he deserves respect for what he’s done and what he continues to do for the Pax.

First, the guy is an inspiration.  He powers through and doesn’t give up.  He’s a guy you want to work out with because he won’t quit or let you quit.  My guy blew out his knee, had to have surgery, but still came to the workouts and modified — while in a full leg brace — until he healed up.

He’s introduced his son to F3, which has given Seabass leadership opportunities not many 13 year olds have a chance to do.  Think about it; what if your dad asked your 13 year old self to lead a bunch of men between 25-70 in a workout?  Yea, that’s pretty awesome.  Oh, because Nugget has introduced Seabass to F3, he’s become a beast on the court and the field.

And just like he’s helped his son, he’s helped the Pax. Nugget encourages everyone to get involved so they’re helping themselves.  Whether it’s Q’ing their first workout, coming back to Q a second time, hitting a happy hour, trying a ruck, or making sure a guy knows he’s welcome at a workout, that’s our guy Nugget.

Nugget spearheaded one of the largest, most successful fundraisers F3 Louisville has done to date by donating his time and effort, and a Rucker.  We raised thousands to help a local food pantry.  And Nugget was the catalyst for this effort.

Nugget is a big reason F3 Louisville is here.  And he’s a big reason the culture is so positive and strong.

Now, on to the workout.

After a Disclaimer and an Explainer for the FNG, we moseyed to the field.



Abe Vigodas 10IC

Kendra Newman’s (until Cutlass complained. Which makes me think I may do a KN focused workout someday)

IWs 15IC

Copperhead squats 15IC

Nugget then counted us off and made us grab 10 coupons. He’d already prefabbed 12 picnic tables (no joke) by the field so you knew it was time to work.

The Thang: Luck 7s

Three stations, 7 reps of each of two exercises alternating AMRAP for 7 minutes.

Station 1: Tmerkins and Big Boi Sit-ups

Station 2: Coupon swings and box jumps

Station 3: Dips and Thrusters

Music: Jock Jams.

But then, like all good things (such as Kilo’s Merkin form), YHC ruined it. Switched to Beastie Boys.

I really enjoyed this set because you got out what you put in, but more than that I got to chat with Red Roof, Tron and FNG, Carmen Sandiego. Fun fact, he’s from a family of elephant trainers and traveled the world for years solving circus related mysteries. Now he lives in Louisville.

Thang 2: LBC Tabata

20 on, 10 off. Do as many LBCs as you can. Feel the burn.

Thang 3: Squatabata

20 on, 10 off.

Circle up for COR, NOR. Welcome Carmen Sandiego. Look forward to finding you at another workout.

Nugget closed us out asking that we strive to be good men, husbands, fathers, sons and friends. Be a good person. Or, as I would say, be like Nugget.

CI out to pay the bills.

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