7/19 The Extender Backblast: No Grass Here

I’m not going to lie. This is my second Q and I was still nervous about leading the PAX in a 45 minute beatdown.   So I got up an extra 15 minutes early to get my mind and weinke in order. I thought I had a well thought out plan. It was now time to execute.

I arrived at the Mutt promptly at 5:10 am to survey the site. There have been many grumblings of wet “grass” and “chiggers” trolling the grounds at HT. I was able to confirm first hand that both were in full affect. So now what? Do we continue to feed the little critters while they indulge on the dew of our newly gut “grass”??? Initial thought? Hell yeah! However, my inner self spoke to me and thought it would be better to something different. Like staying off the grass for 44 1/2 minutes.

Game time. We circled up and checked for FNGs. None were present but these HIMs were:

Sump Pump (Q)














Glen Ross



SSH – 25 IC

Grassgrabbers – 25 IC

Downward dog

Calf stretch

Quad stretch

Kendra Newmann

Arm stretch

Thang 1

Mosey down to ring of fire – Grab a coupon.

25 curls – IC

25 mountain climbers – IC

25 overhead presses – IC

25 merkin side plank – IC

Thang 2

Slow Indian run to the basketball court with the 6 sprinting to the front. Once there, on your own.

10 pullups

15 big boys

20 nipplers

25 Bobby Hurley’s

Hold plank on bball court for 6

Thang 3

Slow Indian run to Cherrywood/Ormond with the 6 sprinting to the front. On your own:

Jog down to bridge

25 dips/prisoner squats and jog back

25 lbcs then jog back to bridge

25 dips/prisoner squats and back up hill

25 lbcs and then hold plank for 6

Thang 4

Indian run to portico. 6 was supposed to sprint but it never happened. #nexttime.

Once at the portico:

2 man wheelbarrow race across parking lot and back. Each HIM completing 1/2 of the leg. Short on time or we would have gone again.

Thang 5

Indian run back to ring of fire. We took the short run due to time.

Each HIM picked his least favorite exercise. 10 count. Mosey back to the flag for COT.


Intentions for @Tiger mom. Asked the Man upstairs to give us the courage to look today in the eye and conquer whatever life has to offer us today and beyond.


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