11.24.18 Ruiner BB: Charles Bronson kicked my ass

PAX: RedRoof, StarChild, Kilo, Vincent(R), Wham!, Deuce, BlackLung(DR), Hannibal, Nugget, SeaBass & Zartan (Q)

Conditions: High 40’s and wet.  No rain but the ground was saturated.

Gearlander: NB Minimus Kicks, SW socks, LuLu shorts, F3 Shirt, TacHat with Fighting 69th patch

F3 gives you back what you put into it.  You work hard and show up, you see results. You hit 2dn F events you form new friendships.  But like anything in life, sometimes things get in the way.  usually excuses.  I bring this up because I did this Charles Bronson workout about a year ago and Larry Birded the whole thing.  It was hard but i crushed it as a pretty good pace.  Today, CB kicked my ass.  Here is what went down.

COP: 20 IW IC, Kendra Newmans, Arm/Shoulder Stretch, 20 HillBillys IC, 20 Grass Grabbers IC

Moseyed around the track and around the tennis courts but we continued on.  about half way up the far side we stopped for some bear crawl inchworm action.  PAX lines up head to toe in a plank position and the PAX at the 6 bear crawls to the front.  I added a twist.  When the bear crawling PAX passes you, you do 1 merkin.  While we were doing this a runner passed by and said something like “Weirdest group of dogs ever”.

We then did a bit of running.  we moseyed to first light pole and sprinted to the next.  after 3 rounds we stopped and waited for the 6.  Took a ten count and did it again continuing towards Cannons Ln.  Kilo brought up a good point that a choke point in the path with a large tree and roots may cause an issue so we moseyed the first 2 light poles and started our sprints one pole late.  Because I am a meticulous planner, this well advised audible left us one short pole, or one pole short… story of my life.

When we finished we were close to the apex of the far end of the track by Cannons.  Walked everyone on to the end line of the soccer field and explained Charles Bronson.  He is a mean SOB and consists of a 100yrd AYG run, 10 yard bear crawl and mosey back to start line for 50 SSH.  Then repeat AYG, BC and mosey and do 50 merkins.  Rinse and repeat with 50 burpees, 50 LBCs and 50 jump squats.  TCLAPs to Vincent and Kilo for crushing this.  Also shout out to Roof for partnering with me on the burpees.  Needed the extra motivation to push through cause 50 burpees in a row sucks.

Then we tried something a little different (fail).  Everyone lined up on on their 6 on the track.  The goal was to do a group count where first in the row counts 1, then next says 2 and so on while we complete big boys.  It failed.  We did much better on the merkin version but this will not be included in future WOs.

Moseys back towards the tennis courts and again stopped about half way back for some more line work.  This time we all did non stop flutter kicks will the 6 broad jumped to the front.

We finished with the mosey/sprint run back to the tennis courts switching at every light pole.

Once back we lined on the path by the tennis courts in 2 lines facing each other kind staggered.  I brought a soccer ball and had a plan.  But before we got going I showed everyone a Walmart Burpee.  Start in standing position and squat down, then roll back onto you back and shoulders, roll back up to feet (another fail on demo) and then kick out to plank and finish the normal burpee movements.  If we dropped the ball or our feet touched the ground we all had to preform 1 WB.

Now with all of us on our 6, we started with legs 6 inch off the ground and hands off the ground.  We went down the line passing the ball in a zig zag pattern up and back.  All did well.  Next round we kept feet up and also did air presses the whole time passing the ball up and back.  Nailed it again.  Then Kilo said we should do American hammers when we catch the ball.  This was a great addition, hard as hell so we did this version twice.   Will do this again for sure.  Time was up so everyone did one Walmart burpee just to say they had completed one.

Announcements made.  Keep an eye out for Monday Heavy WOs at the Tank, upcoming toy drive and December Ruck on the 21st.  Prayers for DD and all those in need of our support.

Z out





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