Back Blast 11/24/2018 Saturday #BlackOps at #theCounty Crock Pot VQ

Saturday 0700, weather: 49 deg F, a consistent mist of precipitation.
9 PAX: Jolly Rancher, FNG (“Flip or Flop”), Gilligan, Big Bird, Cowboy, Dough Boy (DR, South Charlotte), Abacus, Meter Maid, Crock Pot (VQ),
Despite full bellies from a big Thanksgiving, soon comes the time for the County HIMs to partake in some tasty leftovers.
Once the disclaimer given, it was time to ignite the fire.
Warm Up
Side Straddle Hops IC (20)
Imperial Walkers IC (10)
Static Stretches, legs wide, bend at waist: Down (10 count), Right (10 count), Left (10 Count)
Kendra Newman, forward and reverse, 10 count each
Warm Up 2
20 yards each:
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Super Mario
Bernie Sanders @ 50% effort
Mosey @ 50% effort
Bernie Sanders @ 75% effort
Mosey @ 75% effort
After the quick warm up, we moseyed to the coupon cache. PAX gathered at the playground to find not one, not two, but three buffets of exercises served for their enjoyment. Once divided into three groups, each groups were assigned to either the ‘Upper’, ‘Lower’, or ‘Core’ buffet. PAX were instructed to choose from that list of exercises, eating them AMRAP (You vs. You). Pick the exercises you like, skip the ones you don’t.
But how long do we get to eat??? Good question. Table manners are important.
Count-o-rama was intentionally held until now. PAX were counted, which also determined the order for who was ‘Head of the Table’.
The ‘Head of the Table’ got the special privilege of leaving their buffet to do 10 reps of Man Makers with a coupon (EC: 50 lb kettlebell). Each rep was counted out loud so PAX could pace themselves. When ‘Head of the Table’ eats, PAX eats. PAX rests when “Head of Table” switches. PAX #1 goes first, PAX #2 goes second, and so on.
Thang 1:
PAX did 3 rounds at EACH of the buffets, for a total of 9 AMRAP work intervals.
Buffet A: Upper
Pull Ups (regular or between monkey bars)
Curl & Press coupon
Bench Press coupon
Bent over Row coupon
Decline Merkin (feet on coupon)
Wide Merkin
Skull Crusher (on back, triceps press coupon)
Buffet B: Lower
Riverdance w/ coupon
Alternating lunges w/ coupon
Copperhead Squat w/ coupon
Side Hops over coupon
Coupon swing
Deadlift coupon
Iron Mike (alternating jump lunges)
Buffet C: Core
Pickle Pounders
Mountain Climbers
LBC’s w/ coupon
Plank Up/Downs on coupon
Alternating Bird Dog (Doggy Paddle)
Thang 2:
Of course these HIMs were still hungry, it was time for free for all. Head of Table rotated as usual, but PAX could choose any exercise from any buffet.
PAX completed 9 rounds when it was time for dessert.
Returned coupons, CoP near the flag.
Everyone held a plank while PAX took turns sharing one thing (each) they were asking for as a Christmas gift.
With a few moment left, our downrange brother Dough Boy suggested a round of Lt. Dan’s.
Dough Boy led with 1 squat/4 reverse lunges, next PAX did 2 & 8, next PAX did 3 & 12, etc. It’s still unclear to me if Cowboy lost count or just didn’t want to be outdone, so he boldly skipped round 9 and led the group for round 10 (10 squats/40 rev. lunges). Note: Cowboy is rocking a broken toe, but came out anyway to support my VQ. *hat tip*
Announcements: Suggestion made that the PAX get trained or re-certify in CPR and first aid. We need to be prepared in case a PAX is in need.
Intentions (Double Down, Pope, Abacus’ M)
We have officially transitioned into a season full of Christmas decorations and lights. Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
May each HIM act in such a way that our influence and good deeds are contagious to others. Be a HIM: offer a hand, encourage others, go the extra mile, be better husbands, dads, brothers, and sons. This isn’t for our individual glory, but to be an example to others and glorify God with the gifts he’s given us.
Thanks to SkyQ for the chance to lead a group of HIM that have influenced me.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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