6.19.18 Rooster BB: Thank you.

PAX: Fergie, Digiorno, MadCow, GlenRoss, Methane, Duplo, Fridge, Cougar, Scratch, StarChild, Duece, Steerage, CowBell, PED, Pepperoni, LeftEye, Tiger, Kilo, Wham-o, BackDraft, Geppetto, Escort, Zartan(Q)

Conditions: sauna-esk

Gearlander: NB Minimus, Callaway Black no see em socks, LuLu gray shorts and navy blue Nike dryfit. Skull hoorag

It’s been awhile since I posted during the week. Actually, it’s been exactly 3 weeks. I knew I would struggle today so I turned down that last bourbon and got to bed early. Surprised that I was up a few minutes before my alarm, took care of preEx activities and headed to HT for some Rooster action.

StarChild was standing in the lot solo and I knew I had made the right decision to get back in my gloomy routine. It’s HIMs like SC that make me want to get better and this morning I had a plan to push the PAX like they have pushed me the last year.

Here is what went down.

Disclaimer given and we were off for my inaugural HT path run. A 1/4 mile stretch around the perimeters the fields and we finished by grabbing coupons from the prayer a garden and circling up in the lot.


20 BigBoy SitUps

20 Copperhead Squats IC

Digiorno Arm Stretch

Kendra Newman’s


10 Merkins IC

Thang 1- Rocky Coupon Press 11s

We grabbed our coupons and headed to the field. We lined up and performed 10 Rockies with 1 Coupon Press and then an AYG sprint about 30 yards and jog back. Then 9-2, run, 8-3, run ….. down to 1-10. I must say this was pretty difficult for me. PAX helped groups when finished or did squats or planks.

Thang 2 Partner Coupon meet in the middle. Pax lined up about 25 yards apart both with Coupon. We did 3 rounds of Clapping Lunge walk towards each other, run back to Coupon for 10 coupon presses. Then 3 rounds of bearcrawl to middle and run back for 10 Coupon curls.

Hustler back to return coupons and circled up for Merkin TimeBomb.

We started with 10 and went down to 6.

Then on our 6 for Phiffer kicks on me and 20 LBCs.

Back at timebomb to finish 5-1. Woof.

Back on 6 for 15 gas pumps IC, 15 Rosalita IC, 10 Heel touch IC.

One 1/4 mile lap to close us out.


Intentions for Escorts father, Vincent and Weedwackeras family. Raffle tickets for Vincent going strong until Friday night. TClaps to all those who have worked selflessly to do something amazing. (Yet again)

Closed us out with continued gratitude for this group and asked everyone to make an impact on someone’s life today.

Thank you to everyone who showed up today. It’s means more to me than I can express. The last 3 weeks have been rough. Life happens and I believe we are judged by how we react when the chips are down. I needed all of you more than you could know but removed myself because I thought I needed to focus on other things in order to be the best husband and father I could be. While my intentions were in the right place I couldn’t have been more off the mark. The energy and support that I pull from this group is what has made all the difference in the last year. Funny that when I needed F3 and all of you the most I bailed from the one thing that was consistent in my life. You live you learn.

Love you all and thanks for the support.


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