Backblast 6/19 Race Day at The County

Q – Iceman

Pax – 16 Gypsy, Airplane, Peggy, Meter Maid, Matlock, Cochran, Valdez,Yogi, Little Jerry, Porkchop, Mamas Boy, Irse, Big Bird, Jitterbug, Nino, Iceman

Warmup – Jog the course – various  Butt kicks, high knees. Etc

Turn 1 – The Oval

Turn 2 – The Pit

Turn 3 – The Crazy 8

Turn 4 – The Autocross

Turn 5 – Mary

Circle Up – Grass Grabbers, Plank stretches, Count off 5 teams

Key Goals –

1) Getting in/out of each of the turns as fast as possible

2) Stay together, work together as a team – motivate each other to get BETTER

3) Modify as needed (sometimes this means worker harder for some HIMs)

The Thang –

Turn 1 – The Oval

4 Box Drill –

1 x jog, Sprint, jog, sprint

2 x jog, Mario, jog, Mario

3 x jog, bounds, jog, bounds

sprint to next station

Turn 2 – The Pit

20 x step ups/box jumps

20 x dips

20 x cone jumps, ladder

sprint to next station

Turn 3 – The Crazy 8

High knee and butt kick straights, lunge the turns

sprint to next station

Turn 4 – The Autocross

2 push, 1 drives WRX 4L Turbo in neutral :-)(complete lap, parking break, sprint to next station)

Turn 5 – Mary

Alphabet, Boxcutter,Canoe/Boat, Dying Cockroach, E2K, Flutter or Q call

sprint to next station

COP –  Burpee Webb with Air Press 1 to 4 ratio to 10 then we put the brakes on.

COT – Had a lot on my mind, lots of people to pray for in our Pax.  Life isn’t easy and sometimes full of surprises.  Outward reach is important but I took a moment of silence to pray for my own relationship with my M and my 2.0s.  I went home to hug my M and the day got better – I love you guys!!! Ice Out!

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