10.5.18 Big 4 BO BB

Pax: Wham!, April(FNG), Meth, SC, Quimby, Chestnut, Face, BackDraft, Zartan

Conditions seemed pretty good.

To curb the potential for getting stuck by train we showed up a bit early. Chatted for bit and jumped into squats and overhead presses with out Rucks, Merkins and some stretching.

The main event was simple. Ruck to Indiana and circle back through Jeff to the stairs leading back to the bridge. Once at the top of the stairs we partnered up and shed our packs.

P1 goes down and up stairs while P2 does squats. Switch and repeat.

Did 2 more rounds with merkins and burpees.

We then did some maryish flutter work.

20 Flutter Kicks IC while holding rucks over head.

15 Ruck BenchPresses IC

Then we combined them for 20 Walking will hewing gums IC

Rucked up and headed back to KY


Friday’s at Big 4 make me happy.

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