6.29.18 Tank BO BB: 8s the magic number

Kilo informed me that he needed a Q for this BO. I needed a reason to post. Perfect fit. He also let me know that there was going to be a Huge (Trump voice) turnout. 8 PAX turned up and TBH that is a perfect number. You get a chance to get to know one another and the workout is very easily managed. Hell, if there was 26 PAX there today I would probably still think Nice and Slows name was Nice and Easy. On to the B.B.

PAX: Huggies, Face, Captain Insane-o, Nino, Nice and Slow, Crash, Vincent (R), Zartan (Q)

Conditions: Hot and muggy. You could see the humidity in the air.

Gearlander: NB Minimus kicks, Nike socks, LuLu shorts (7in inseam) Nike Shirt, skull hoorag

8 PAX showed up today at the Tank for this little Friday BlackOp. Having been out of the game for awhile I was worried that what was going to be difficult for me may be easy for the PAX. Screw it. I need to get back in shape and these 7 HIMs were along for the ride. Here is what went down.

Started at upper parking lot and moseyed down to the lower lot by old water treatment facility YHC almost had us circle up in the middle of a road but was encouraged for safety reasons to venture further into the parking lot. Like I said, it’s been awhile.


15 Don Quixote IC

15 Steve Earle IC

15 Grass Grabbers IC


We stayed in our circle to try something new. Burp & Merk. PAX starts in standing position and drops for a burpee with one Merkin. Next burpee has 2 Merkins. Then 3… all the way up to 10. And because we are F3 men we laddered back down from 10 to 1. Nothing like 110 Merkins to get the blood flowing.

Upon completion we ran back up the hill to the main Tank lot and circled up yet again. This time we tried a BigBoy Sit Up TimeBomb. YHC started with 10 BigBoys and once I completed 3 the PAX member to my left started their 10 and round and round we went. I threw in some additional exercises while we waited for group to complete each round. We laddered down from 10-1.

Next we partnered up for a little suicide work.

Round 1 P1 ran to first line while P2 planked. Switch. Then 2nd and 3rd lines.

Round 2 P1 ran to first line while P2 did LBCs. Switch. Then 2nd and 3rd lines.

Circled up for some Mary.

15 American Hammers IC

20 LBCs IC

windshield wipersOYO. Not sure if anyone could concentrate on their own while Nino was putting on a clinic. Beast.

Nice and Easy led us with some J Lo’s and something else I am forgetting.

Vincent introduced us to reverse crunches.

Hoped up for 3 rounds of 4x4s

Back down for some more Mary and finished with 5 BOYOs and a mosey around the lot.

COR, NOR and intentions for Butchers mother and Double Downs M. I took us out with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Lately I have had some personal shit that has kept me from posting in the gloom with my brothers. I won’t get into specifics but the last 5 weeks has been extremely challenging for me. I had several late stress filled nights and needed Zs so I didn’t post. I had out of town trips that required long drive times so I didn’t post. And as the weeks went by I just didn’t post. In hindsight my attitude continued to degrade because I didn’t post.

So things are still challenging but I realize that they will only get worse if I don’t show up in the gloom with my brothers. I know we hear “more than a workout” all the time and the reason for that is because it is more than a workout. Blessed to be apart of this group and will not be taking the opportunity I have to be surrounded by such good people for granted.

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