Ruck BB Team Gordan #2


Had a great crew of PAX in Glauc, McAfee, Nino and PED (Q, VR).   Other than posting with McAfee a couple of times I didn’t know any of the team. Since Glauc, McAfee and Nino live further out in the Posh Lands, given my running background and living in the ruck zone I was elected captain. If we screwed up directionally it was my fault. I was hoping the local knowledge would come in handy, which I believe it did with at lest one little known cut through.

Nino was great and purchased one of the sandbags mentioned on Slack as our team weight. The best part was all the different ways it could be carried. It had a shoulder harness (which broke in the first 30 min), you could one shoulder or neck carry or with the handles on each end two people could easily carry it at once. This was key later in the ruck.

Prior to the ruck we strategized the best location. Given our pie piece we were hemmed in by the railroad tracks to the south and assumed limited placement locations to the north. So we couldn’t decide if we give away our flag and put it someplace easy on Hubbard’s Ln or go further out with us having to ruck back in to cross the tracks. We had a few ideas prior to the ruck but night of made a game time decision on Sojourn. While this gave a slightly longer ruck to our first flag we knew any team that wanted ours was going to have to ruck a mile each way to get it. And we didn’t want Kilo calling us names…

So we get to Sojourn and discuss how we should place the X on the map. A couple PAX wanted to put it at the corner where Rudy turns but I argued we need to place it closer to the actual location and make it a small X. My thinking we want to be fair to all the other teams, man was I wrong. So we snap the picture and send it out at 8 only to receive other pictures of X’s that take half the map or are so blurry you can’t even tell if it is Louisville. And I was trying to be nice, I should have listened to my team.


The locations of the flags around us were as expected and we quickly decided to head to the south or #3 flag. Given my local knowledge I knew there wasn’t a cut through over the tracks through the neighborhood, but I also knew there was the back entrance to St. Matthews park through Beechwood Village that is only accessed on foot. On the way through Beechwood Village we saw Kilo and his team, so much for my local knowledge.

As we reach St. Matthews Park we all split up and run with rucks to find the flag. It isn’t until we have circled the entire park that we find the flag . We take the picture and move on. In the meantime Glauc found another flag. We run over to it and find a special one from C.I. We take a picture of this just to make sure we aren’t missing something in the rules and send out to the captains as a special treat.


We start to ruck to flag #4 at the park on Bowling Blvd. We quickly see a flag by a painted derby horse. Immediately we know that is fake because of the ease of finding it.   We take a picture anyway.


We split up in two’s, one with the sandbag, to find the real flag. As we start to circle on Bowling Blvd another two ruckers from Team 6 doing the same thing are coming toward us. They tell us it isn’t that way and we circle back. The 8 of us start to run all over the park finding 4-5 fake flags before finding the real one. We take a group photo and have some kind words for Kilo and C.I. for all the fake flags.


We relay some intel to the other team about flag 3 and they do the same about flag 5. Unfortunately they never found flag 5 but gave the hint from Star Child who said cemetery. With that I knew exactly where we were going. I already knew there was a cemetery in the middle of the Home Depot center. So we get by the Red Lobster and I take off as the scout to find it and volia, just as expected.


From there we move on to flag #6. Since it a straight down Dutchman’s Ln and we are running out of time we jog up Dutchman’s with each of doubling up on the sandbag. Again the benefits of having the handles on the sandbag. We would jog and break and do it again. The X location for this was perfect and went straight down the correct road. I took off jogging as we were getting close as a scout and as I come around the corner to find Mad Cow’s team. Sump Pump is like why are you running, of course it is PED. I’m running and they are drinking the beer they brought with them. The rest of the team comes up and we jog up to the flag in front of the Aero Club. Lived in Louisville my whole life and never knew it was there. Great little place.


We went straight out to Cannons Ln through the old army base and started double timing it down Cannons toward I-64. On the way we passed team Steak Knives or #10 and gave our pleasantries. Local knowledge helped getting to flag #7 as there is a little known path that goes around the outside of Bowmen Field that isn’t on the map. McAfee and I jogged most of this with the sandbag and made good time. We came out by the neighborhood above Old Cannon’s Ln. I didn’t have the map so McAfee being the beast he is soloed the sandbag and jogged down the hill with the three of us following. We quickly went into Seneca and the golf course and found the #7 flag. Not before we found another fake flag with a glow stick. Seeing the wrong color glow stick we knew we were off. Luckily given it was dark we could see the real flag.


At this point we had about 35-40 minutes to make it back. We jog/rucked back up to O, past Red Roofs house and cut over to Lexington Rd. We were planning to cut through the Masonic Home to grab one last flag on Elmwood but realized we would have to do our fastest mile of the night as our last mile. So we cooled down and rucked calmly back to Molly’s to make it before 11:00 cut off and had just under 11 miles of total rucking.

Overall a great time and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Thanks to Kilo, CI and anyone I may be forgetting or don’t know about in the background who helped put on the ruck. We really appreciate the time and effort.

Already looking forward to the next one.

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