4.24.18 BlackOp: Lots of Curls

Frankly I didn’t know what to expect with a coupon focused WO. I hate to run therefore I love to run during my Qs. No real running limits your options. But when 4 HIMs stood ready to get after it I had the motivation I needed to get after it.

PAX: Plethora, Duece, Wedding Singer, OJ and Zartan Q

Conditions: Spitting rain and 50ish degrees

Disclaimer given we mosey around the grounds for a little recon. Here is what we discovered

  • Parking lot for days. Enough space to do whatever you want and more.
  • Playground with perfect spot for 5-6 PAX to do pull ups at the same time.
  • High ledge ideal for dips and severely declined Merkins.
  • Field larger than the Mutt and Poshier than the O.

Along our route we stopped for COP


20 IW IC

Kendra Newman’s and Digiornos

We continued our jog and discussed options for the grounds. As we made our way back to the main parking lot we did a lunge walk for about 20yrs and did high knees and butt kicks back to the coupon shed.

These bad boys were waiting for us so it was time to put them to use.

Tabata at 60 seconds on 15 off for 5 reps

Set 1

Coupon Plank





Set 2

Each PAX called 1 rep (I think it was..)


Bench press on 6

One armed rows (switch at 30 secs)

Big Boys With Coupon


Set 3

Cross over Merkins

3 part curls 20 Sec low 20 Sec high 20 full

Coupon flutter kicks


And something else.

Side note – while cataloging this historic event I just received confirmation that I will moving into a new role at ADP. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and support. Not surprised by this group anymore but always very appreciative.

Back to the beatdown. Jogged to playground and ran back to shake out the weighted WO. Circled up for Mary by the cars and did Phiffer Kicks, 30 LBC IC, 20 American Hammer IC, some leg core straining thing that I demonstrated and OJ said it was a Loco favorite (it was hard so not surprised) and finished with 5 BOYOs

NOR, COR and thanks to the sky Q.

Men as we keep growing this thing more expansion will be happening. Addition by division is some times hard but is usually necessary. I will keep running this BO for the next few weeks in hopes that it provides an alternative WO for the Rooster but also an option for those who may be dealing with an injury that does not allow for running or a sore Va J J. Either way let’s keep getting better and keep growing this thing.

Zartan Out

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