4/24 Backblast Bayside

It was a wet 50 degrees with a slight wind, but an awesome morning to workout.  Grandpa Bear – Q, Banana Bread, Spokey Doke, T18, Shuttlecock, Thumbtack (FNG)

The thing I love about F3 is walking out the door and feeling the cold damp air thinking I hope its not raining when I get there or during the workout.  Or I hope I don’t get my socks wet.  After the first five minutes of warming up, it doesn’t matter, you start to push yourself as hard as you can and soon forget that its raining.

This morning we started off with SSH’s, burpees, merkins, freddie merkeries, and began to work the core.  Our 6′-5″ FNG was the first onsight and ready to go.  The layout of the light poles gave just enough distance to go between for burpees, derkins, lunges, LBC’s, and pickle perkers.  We broke it up with a Glauc special, 3 minute meet in the middle with merkins and hand claps.  Short interval jogs led to additional LBC’s and dips.

Today was a total body workout engaging and strengthening all body parts with a little drizzle to keep us cool.  T18 also keep us balanced by requesting some supermans.

Role call and name o rama.  Intentions go out to Banana Bread and T18 and to the others.  Thanks again for Thumbtack and look forward to Thursday.

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