11/12 bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Fanny Pack (r), Grandpa Bear (q) Getting ready to head out solo, Charolais rolled in and we moseyed to courtyard. Gave disclaimer as we began to mosey. Grass grabbers ic Right side grass grabbers ic Left side grass grabbers ic Hillbilly walkers ic Calf/leg stretches Cobras SSH ic Mosey to coupons MerkinsContinue reading “11/12 bayside backblast”

11/2 Bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear (Q) Disclaimer and mosey to courtyard to stretch. SSH ic Grassgrabbers Upper / lower body stretching SSH ic Outside to front of courtyard to work with mini and large coupons. 1:4 ratio merkins : vertical arm raises with mini coupons 10:40 While laying flat on back taking large couponContinue reading “11/2 Bayside backblast”

6-6-19 Bayside backblast

Pax: charolais (r), fanny pack (r), shuttlecock (r), Thumbtack, Gilly, Schotzie, Grandpa bear (q) After giving disclaimer, mosey to school courtyard to do stretching. After stretching pax ran to road to circle football field. While circling the field on the side road several times we performed various moves at different intervals. We ended with aContinue reading “6-6-19 Bayside backblast”

1/5 Bayside Backblast

PAX: @Charolais (r), @Fanny Pack (r), @birdie, @Krystal, @Grandpa Bear (q) Gave disclaimer and mosey to pick up coupons. Mosey to front of school to perform series of stretching. Various stretching with and without coupons. Thang 1 We performed a series of carrying each person approximately 25 yds. While waiting, various exercises were performed untilContinue reading “1/5 Bayside Backblast”

12/13 Bayside Backblast

PAX:  @fanny pack, @charolais, @shuttlecock, @gilly, @Thumbtack, @Grandpabear (q) 05:30 began to mosey, gave disclaimer (not a professional, modify all exercises as needed).  Picked up a pair of small coupons (bricks) and continued to mosey to COP in front of school.  47 degrees, what. Stretches- Grass Grabbers (ic), leg and arm stretching, SSH (ic), armContinue reading “12/13 Bayside Backblast”

8.9.18 Backblast Bayside

Mr. Bubbles, Crystal, Charolais (r), Fanny k (r), Shuttlecock (r), Gilly, Grinder, Grandpa Bear (q). Thanks for making the drive and thanks for joining us Grinder. Welcome anytime. It was a stagnant foggy 75 degrees. With no response from anyone, I confirmed that everyone made it out without checking their email or text msgs. WeContinue reading “8.9.18 Backblast Bayside”

7/3 bayside backblast

05:15 started on time with 10 Hims (banana bread, shuttlecock (r), thumbtack, Sadie, six pack, fanny pack, capt. Good vibes, Charolais (r) (fng), Bratwurst (fng), grandpa bear (q) Mosey with high knees to COP. Gave disclaimer. Started with arm circles. Grass grabbers, SSH (ic), Imperial walkers (ic). Held plank with arm reaches sky, alternating raisingContinue reading “7/3 bayside backblast”

5/25 Backblast bayside

0600a, (Grandpa Bear,Q, Gilly, Glauc, Banana Bread, Shuttlecock (R), Captain Good vibes (fng). We started with short mozy with knee highs to first COP. SSHs, Imperial walkers, leg stretches, Freddie merkeries, American hammers, burpies. Mozy. Derkins Mozy to next location. Step ups then derkins. Mozy. Burpies Mozy. Partnered up to move between 3 stations. PushContinue reading “5/25 Backblast bayside”