12/13 Bayside Backblast

PAX:  @fanny pack, @charolais, @shuttlecock, @gilly, @Thumbtack, @Grandpabear (q)

05:30 began to mosey, gave disclaimer (not a professional, modify all exercises as needed).  Picked up a pair of small coupons (bricks) and continued to mosey to COP in front of school.  47 degrees, what.

Stretches- Grass Grabbers (ic), leg and arm stretching, SSH (ic), arm walkovers using stair step, upper body lying on each side stretching, turkish standups using brick, feet raised on wall – derkins.

Mosey around and up parking lot to next COP.  Using coupons, Squats, front arm raise, American hammers, big boy sittups.

Mosey to next COP.  LBC’s, Leg throw downs, coupons arm kickbacks, curls set of 7,7,7 then burnout.

Mosey to next COP.  Big boy sittups, flutter kicks (ic)

Mosey to place coupons and then to flag.  With a couple minutes left, legs bent Arnold Palmer hugging tree around the circle for a 10 count from everyone.

Countaroma, Namaroma, Announcements, Intensions, huddle up for Prayer.

God Bless

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