Backblast 12/13 The Agony @ The County. Amelia Q

24 PAX


Conditions: KSDF 131056Z 19007KT 10SM OVC025 10/02 A3009 RMK A02 SLP190

Gear: Carhartt Beanie, Squeaky Nike shoes, shorts and tights.

PAX- Amelia (Q), Hot Wheels, Boozer, Kilo, Bongo, Flounder, Aerobie (R), PK, Worm, Scratch-N-Dent, Big Bird, Jolly Rancher, Alexa, Catfish, LaunchPad, Cochran, Bulletin (R), Abacus, Gilligan, Le Pew, Farva (FNG), Red Wagon, Wildflower, Bob Ross


Mosey around school

Imperial Walker squats- 15

Grass Grabbers -10

Abe Vigotas-10

Kendra Newmans

Side straddle hops – 52

Thang 1-

Partner up, sprint length of parking lot and do 10 partner Merkins with hand claps. Sprint back and do 10 partner big boys. Repeat 5x for total of 50 merkins and 50 big boys each. Mosey to other lot for thang 2.

Thang 2-

Jack Webb 10/40 reps

1x- jump lunges in cadence

4x- squats in cadence

Mosey to lot for Mary


Each pax in circle called out exercise of their choice and led cadence for 10 reps. Glad to see pickle pounders and multiple variations of the pickle pounder were the exercise of choice. Your wives will thank you.

Amelia out.

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