1/5 Bayside Backblast

PAX: @Charolais (r), @Fanny Pack (r), @birdie, @Krystal, @Grandpa Bear (q)

Gave disclaimer and mosey to pick up coupons. Mosey to front of school to perform series of stretching. Various stretching with and without coupons.

Thang 1

We performed a series of carrying each person approximately 25 yds. While waiting, various exercises were performed until it was each person’s turn.

Thang 2

4 station rotation, Bobby Hurley, lbc’s, box jumps, meekins

Thang 3

Curls and tricep kickbacks with coupons. Mosey to put coupons up raising and holding coupons over head along with overhead presses with coupons. Well done gentlemen!

Mosey back to flag for countorama, namaorama, announcements.

Close with prayer.

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