2/6 bayside backblast

Pax: charolais(r), fanny pack(r), banana bread, shotze, sadie, grandpa bear (q)

It was a cool 38 degrees. We started with a disclaimer and moseyed a little further than normal to get the blood flowing before circling up for COP.

We did some SSHs, grass grabbers, downward dogs, cobras, and some other fun stretches. We headed out for a short Indian run with the HIM in the back doing 2 burpees. Doing this from high school to front of elementary school.

We began from light pole to light pole doing Mary work in intervals of 25. We performed the excersice then moseyed to next pole. Lbcs, American hammers, Freddie merkeries, pickle pounders, big boys, ankle bitters, leg raises Did a series of 50 SSHs(ic). In a single line we moseyed through the bollards moving our feet side to side for approximately 30 yds up then back.

Just enough time to do an Indian run back to starting area to work our legs with some step ups on the wall, then finish with some derkins.

Left time to mosey back to flag for countorama, panorama, and intensions.

Sorry for late backblast.


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