10/23/18 Bayside Backblast


God is good. What an awesome clear brisk morning to strengthen our minds body and soul to push each other as men to get better. I’ve been out for a couple of weeks and it felt good to be out there this morning.

I gave the disclaimer of not being a professional, modify as needed and we started to mosey. Along the way to first COP, did some marios.


Grass grabbers (ic) 20

Overhead elbow stretches each arm

Arm circles

Windmills (ic) 20

Downward dog stretches

Lbcs (ic) 50

American hammers (ic) 30

Merkins 30

Mosey to next stop SSH (ic) 60.

Next we did 3 laps around outside of track of football field performing a series of different exercises at different intervals.

  1. Alternating leg throw downs 30 while one holds plank.
  2. Freddie merkeries (ic) 30
  3. Mario’s
  4. Lbcs
  5. American hammers
  6. Derkins
  7. Bernie Sanders


With several minutes left at the flag in plank we did some side to side hip movements (ic). Last finished out a 30 second push with a round of pickle pounders.


Countorama, nameorama,announcement, Convergence this Saturday, see slack for info,Also Rick event prior too

Intensions, brother Banana Bread, Thumbtack, Sparkys M’s, and to all the fellow F3 brothers and family in need.

God already knows your needs. He just wants you to turn it over to Him.
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Enough said. We can’t do it alone. I pray that if you don’t have a relationship with our Lord that you pray for one or reach out to someone with questions that you might have.

Have an Awesome day!

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